Thursday, October 24, 2013

Zone Conference in September

We held three days of Zone Conferences on September 25, 26, and 27, 2013.  We love Zone Conferences.  They are held once a quarter, with Zone Trainings held twice a quarter.  President and I, and AP's train during Zone Conference.  The Zone Leaders train during Zone Training.  So it is good to train and teach these amazing missionaries.

Here are the pictures of all three Zone Conferences.  It is an overload, but you will find your missionary!

During our three days of Zone Conferences, we invited the Stake Presidents to train the missionaries is how they can help and assist members as we fully implement the Hasten of Salvation.  We appreciate President Boom, President DeJonge and President Oddens.  However, I never thought to get pictures of them until the last day when President Oddens was teaching.  All three Stake President did an outstanding job.  We look forward to President Hullman in the coming Zone Conferences.  

 President Oddens

 President Oddens

 President Oddens

We would not trade any of you.  We have the best.  We love you Elders and Sisters.  You are the reason we are here serving.  Thank you!

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