Sunday, October 6, 2013

President's Weekly Letter #49


About 4 years ago our Mission boundary extended into France and included all of Belgium and the Netherlands and was headquartered in Brussels.  The Church split that mission forming the Franco Belgium Mission and the new Belgium Netherlands Mission, the latter with redrawn boundaries including Flanders and the Netherlands.  The Dutch speaking missionaries in the old mission were assigned to the new mission.  The mission President before the split, Scott M. Brubaker, received the assignment to serve as the Mission President to the new Dutch speaking Belgium Netherlands Mission and while running the new mission he was to find new headquarters in Leiden, move the mission office to Leiden, complete construction of a new mission home in Leidschendam and relocate from Brussels to the new mission home.  These were not small tasks but in the latter part of 2011 the construction and moving were completed and the new mission was functional.  Just over 6 months later on 29 June 2012, President and Sister Robinson became the new Mission President of the new, well functioning Belgium Netherlands Mission that already enjoyed a culture of diligence, faith and love of God and fellow men.  The first 6 months under President Robinson were eventful, beginning with 68 Elders, 15 Sisters and 8 Senior Couples.

From the start, President Robinson gave the ball to the Stakes.  The Mission’s mission plan was simple, “Support the Stake mission plans.”  All four Stakes lead by Presidents: Boom, Oddens, de Jonge and Hulleman developed specific mission plans for their respective stakes and the presidents personally trained the missionaries in each corresponding Zone on how the missionaries could best support their members doing the stake’s mission work.

Rocks – Rocks were distributed to all missionaries representing their steadfast, immovable, unwavering, dependable and firm commitment to internalize the attributes of Christ in their lives during their mission through weekly study of Christ-like attributes.

Kearon Conference –The first week of September 2012 President Kearon, First Councilor in the Area Presidency and member of the 1st Quorum of 70, toured the mission.  A process to support the stake plans was developed with 3 steps: 1- Have a mighty change of heart in us, 2- Serve and strengthen the members and 3- Left open to implement goals of the individual stakes. 

Operation Build a Stake – Members frequently talk about a prophecy several years ago by a visiting apostle that 40 stakes will be built in the mission.  Before we get 40, we must form the 5th stake.  The necessary baptism and reactivation goals were set to allow the 5th Stake to be formed.  Missionary’s personal expectations were raised to baptize every month per companionship

Leadership 101 – Leadership skills were required including always train your replacement, the performance of the group is top priority, sacrifice your own performance to assist the group’s performance and set the example in work ethic, commitment, baptisms, etc.

Mission Vision – The Strategic Plan for the Mission was developed.  All efforts of missionaries became aligned to propel us toward the Mission Vision.

Working Smart – As we follow Preach My Gospel lessons and instruction, “hows of missionary work” were taught to assist Elders and Sisters to enjoy success with basic missionary skills and attitudes including: 

·      Top 10 – Prioritize your time with your best chances for success
·      Find the “one” – Every day
·      Shelf Life – Interest divides in half each day after initial contact so call back soon
·      Maintain 3 to 5 – Progressing investigators in your teaching pool.
·      Connect With People – Be Real, see what you have in common, complement them
·      What To Do In The House (Members and Investigators)
·      Three Comebacks – Overcome objections during contacting, many baptisms are people with initial objections to hearing the message
·      Stuff the Funnel – Average 4 to 5 contacts per hour
·      Compliment – Members, missionaries, everyone after lessons, talks, etc.
·      Service – Look for and do service
·      Health – Live by the 10 Commandments of Healthy Living
·      Memorize PMG Lessons – Treasure up doctrine in your heart
·      Baptism – Teach the covenant more than the ordinance
·      Stay on Topic – Follow the spirit but teach your lesson plan
·      IFBP (Issues, Features, Benefits, Proof) – Tie baptism as the solution to their problems
·      Presentation Skills – Improve your skill to effectively present the gospel
·      Monthly Home Teaching Splits – Go with members
·      Be 100% Accountable – For your results in your life, no excuses, no victimization
·      Self Limiting Beliefs – Recognize them and eliminate them
·      Distractions – Recognize them and avoid them
·      Comfort Zone – Be willing to stay out of it
·      Enthusiasm – Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic, become addicted to the pursuit
·      Love God, the People and the Work
·      No Regrets, No Alibis, Only Excellence
President Robinson

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