Thursday, October 24, 2013

October Mission Leaders Council

Our monthly Mission Leaders Council was held on October 18, 2013 in the Mission Home.  We welcomed several new missionaries to the council. 
Elder Gomez
Sister Stevens
Elder Farmer
Elder Nish
Elder Muse
 It is always a great meeting and the love and unity we all feel is uplifting and inspiring.  Thanks to everyone for a wonderful monthly meeting.

 President Robinson, Elder Taylor, Elder Van Komen, Elder Thueson, Elder Muse, Elder Praag, Elder Sumter, Elder Gomez, Elder Nish, Sister Stevens, Sister Jachua, Sister Aldous, Sister Rigdon, Sister Hudson, Elder Armstrong, Sister Wood, Elder Lewis, Elder Douglas, Elder Mathis, Elder Farmer, Elder Eastmond
 One great group of missionaries!

 Now just watch the personalities come out!

 None of them could be serious at the same time.

 It started going downhill!

Just have fun, it a mission!

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