Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Larger Surge of Missionaries Hits the Shores of the Belgium Netherlands Mission

An historic number of missionaries arrived at Schipole on Tuesday morning, July 23, 2013.  We had the Church Area Public Relations crew on hand to document this historic event.  The church members of these two countries are so happy to welcome these missionaries with open hearts. There were 29 missionaries that arrived.  Missionaries alway stand out in a crowd, but it was exciting to see 29 missionaries, our AP's and President and I walk through the airport, the train station, and down the street in Leiden to the hotel.  People stopped to watch us pass.  Truly, the Army of Heleman has arrived!

L to R: Sister Reeder, Sister Woodbury, Sister Taylor, Sister Brophy, 
Sister Kohlert, Sister Thorley, Sister Greenwell, Sister Heilner, Sister Johnson, 
Sister Otteson, Sister Clement, Sister Frandsen, Sister Watkins, 
President Robinson, Sister Robinson, Elder Price, Elder Robbins, Elder Moomey, Elder Bitters, Elder Bean, Elder Key, Elder Toole, Elder Cook, Elder Krebs, 
Elder Bonney, Elder Pouwer, Elder Thomas, Elder Blackhurst, Elder Bourne, Elder Larsen, Elder Lyman

Here is just a sample of the 'buzz' on Facebook

  • Alie Vermeer en 1 ervan is de neef van mijn schoondochter See Translation
  • Hedy Schmid wow zijn die allemaal voor Holland ????See Translation
  • Marian Ostvig Wow! What a wonderful looking group.
    Yesterday at 3:25pm via mobile · Like · 1
  • Melissa Dalton-Bradford And my husband was there, flying back to SLC for vacation from Geneva! Uncanny. ..
  • Marianne van Wermeskerken-Middelbosch Yes, they are all for the Netherlands, our mission has doubled in size.
  • Melissa Dalton-Bradford This picture simply warms me. Do we know how marvelous this mission surge is?
  • Marianne van Wermeskerken-Middelbosch They are a wondeful group as National director Public Affairs I had the privilege of interviewing them with my media specialist, they are enthusiastic and are all ready to serve in The Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Mary Louise Beckstrand Wow! That's incredible! I can't imagine where they will all be housed!
  • Alie Vermeer they are more then welcome 

    For many, their first experience with the trains.  They will become 'seasoned travelers' by train in these two countries in just a very few short months.

     Waiting for the train to Leiden Centraal Station

     They are finding it almost unbelievable to actually be in the Netherlands!  

     Nothing but smiles and excitement!

     They are truly happy to be here!

     They did make an impact as we traveled to Leiden Centraal!

    After we started interviews, the Office Elders--Elder Christensen, Elder Huff and Elder Loorbach got the paperwork done for legality and financial.  After lunch they will head down to register into the county, go street contacting with the AP's and then--back to the hotel for a two hour nap before dinner tonight.

     Sister Reeder, Sister Thorley, Sister Brophy, Sister Greenwall

     Elder Pouwer, Elder Cook, Elder Bonney, Elder Moomey

     Elder Thomas, Elder Krebs, Elder Bourne, Elder Larsen
     Sister Watkins, Sister Kohlert, Sister Heilner, Elder Li ?!?!?

     Elder Robbins, Elder Bitters, Elder Toole, Elder Key

     Elder Price, Sister Frandsen, Sister Otteson, Elder Bean

     Sister Johnson, Sister Woodbury, Sister Taylor 

    After an 'all to short' nap and a nice dinner together, we had a great fireside with President Robinson.  Afterward, they opened their 'First Area Call Letters'.  This is where they find out where they are going to serve and who their trainer will be for their first transfer.

     Elder Blackhurst will serve in Almere-Stad with Elder Cooper as trainer.

     Elder Thomas will serve in Groningen with Elder Muse as trainer.

     Sister Watkins will serve in Assen with Sister Steven as trainer

     Sister Clement will serve in Turnhout with Sister Israelsen as trainer.

     Sister Johnson will serve in Den Haag with Sister Juchau as trainer.

     Sister Frandsen will serve in Haarlem with Sister Aston and Sister Wood as trainer.

     Sister Otteson will serve in Gouda with Sister Omozokpia as trainer.

     Sister Taylor will serve in Heerlen with Sister Aldous as trainer.

     Sister Woodbury will serve in Leeuwarden with Sister Rosenlof as trainer.

     Elder Toole will serve in Brugge with Elder Rudolph and Elder Bishop as trainer.

     Sister Greenwell will serve in Utrecht with Sister Gallego as trainer.

     Sister Reeder will serve in Almere-Buiten with Sister Brown as trainer.

     Sister Brophy will serve in Gent with Sister Morris and Sister Djoukeng as trainer.

     Sister Thorley will serve in Deventer with Sister Anjewierden as Trainer.

     Elder Larsen will serve in Rotterdam North with Elder Ipson as trainer.

      Elder Krebs will serve in Nijmegen with Elder Nish as trainer.

     Elder Bitters will serve in Den Haag with Elder Sosa as trainer.

     Elder Moomey will serve in Arnhem with Elder Thueson as trainer.

     Elder Key will serve in Genk with Elder Chantry as trainer.

     Sister Heilner will serve in Groningen with Sister Hudson as trainer

     Sister Kohlert will serve in Antwerpen with Sister Rigdon as trainer.

     Elder Bean will serve in Lelystad with Elder Stoddard as trainer.

     Elder Robbins will serve in Eindhoven with Elder M. Hansen as trainer.

     Elder Bourne will serve in Emmen with Elder Wayman as trainer.

     Elder Cook with serve in Rotterdam South with Elder Alfaro as trainer.

     Elder Lyman will serve in Zaandam with Elder King as trainer.

     Elder Price will serve in Utrecht with Elder Pitts as trainer

     Elder Pouwer will serve in St. Niklaas with Elder Lind as trainer.

     Elder Bonney will serve in Kortrijk with Elder Eastmond as trainer.

    Wednesday morning the new missionaries met their trainers and President Robinson, Sister Robinson and the AP's trained.

     There was an excitement and energy in the room as everyone became acquainted with our new missionaries.  There were instant friendships and the Spirit, when President and I walked in the room, confirmed to us that everything was 'right'.  These Elders and Sisters are known to our Heavenly Father.  He confirmed to us they are with the right companion and trainer.  That is always important to us.  The Lord will bless them as they 'go forth to serve'.

    The size of this training was unbelievable.  We looked over this group and knew something special was happening.  Six months ago this would have been a huge Zone Conference--today, it was Training the Trainers meeting.  There were over 70 missionaries in attendance.  This is just plain astonishing.  President and I felt deeply touched and humbled as we sat up front and watched faces, smiles, interaction and felt the Spirit confirm everything.  We have full faith and confidence in these young missionaries.  The 'hastening' has arrived!

    "Behold, I will hasten my work in its time."

    ---D&C 88:73