Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Missionaries for January!

On January 20, 2015 we picked up our new missionaries arriving from the Provo MTC.  Unfortunately we are missing two missionaries due to visa issues.  They will continue to be in our prayers and thoughts as we wait for the necessary visas.

We welcome Sister Romney, Sister Harris, Elder Wootan and Elder Tolman.

What a well prepared and excited group.  Elder Tolman has family here in the Netherlands and understands and speaks the language well.  He is serving as a Mandarin Chinese speaking Elder here in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.

 Sister Robinson, Sister Romney, Sister Harris, Elder Wootan, Elder Tolman, President Robinson

 Waiting at the Schiphol Train Station to go to Leiden Central

 Elder Alston, Sister Harris, Sister Romney

 President Robinson, Elder Tolman, Elder Wootan

We delivered our four new missionaries to the Mission Office for the legality paperwork and returned to the Schiphol Airport for our missionary arriving from the Madrid Spain MTC, Sister Ramierz.

 President Robinson, Sister Ramierz, Sister Robinson, Sister Jaramillo, her new companion.  Sister Ramierz speaks Spanish.  Dutch and English are new languages for Sister Ramierz and she will be learning and using both on her mission.  Sister Jaramillo speaks Spanish, Dutch and English.  They will be perfect companions!

 After all the legality, paperwork, and interviews with President, it is off to lunch at Oude Leiden for Pannekoeken.

 Elder Wootan, Elder Tolman, Elder Johnson, Mission Office Legality Elder 

 Elder Evans, Mission Office Elder and Sister Robison, Office Supplies

 Sister Ramierz, Sister Romney, Sister Harris

 Sister Jaramillo, Sister Ramierz, Sister Romney, Sister Harris, Elder Wootan, Elder Tolman, Elder Johnson

 Elder Evans, Sister Robison, Elder Robison, the Robison's are our Office Senior Couple; Elder Yocom, Financial Office Elder; Elder Alston and Elder Bourne, President's APs

 Sister Ramierz, Elder Wootan, Elder Tolman, Sister Harris, Sister Romney

Sister Romney

 Elder Tolman

 Elder Wootan

 Sister Harris

 Sister Ramierz

Then off to the Mission Home for a quick nap to help with the jet lag.  After an evening meal with President and Sister Robinson we have a short fireside and testimony meeting.  Then they have the opportunity to open their 'first call' letters to find out who their trainer will be and the city they begin their service in the Belgium Netherlands Mission

 Sister Ramierz will be serving in Arnhem with Sister Jaramillo as Trainer and companion

 Sister Romney will be serving in Leeuwarden with Sister Bush as companion and trainer

 Life just got more exciting!

 Sister Harris will be serving in Gouda with…..

 Sister Fredrickson as companion and trainer.  Sister Fredrickson is one of our Sister Leader Trainers at the present time.

 Elder Wootan will be serving in Capella aan den IJssel with….

 Elder Toole as companion and trainer.  They have the great privilege of 'whitewashing' Capella!

 Elder Tolman will be serving in Spijkenisse with Elder England was companion and trainer.

Next morning we travel back to the Mission Office to meet the new companions and continue with our training.

Sister Bush and Sister Romney

Sister Fredrickson and Sister Harris

 Sister Ramierz and Sister Jaramillo

 Elder Peeters and Elder Fonger
Elder Peeters has been called to serve in a mission in New York, however, he is a visa waiter for an American Visa, so we are happy to have him serve with us until his visa arrives.

 Elder Tolman and Elder England

Elder Toole and Elder Wootan

Welcome to the Belgium Netherlands Mission.
We are happy to have you here to serve with the Lord in this great hastening of the work.  We pray for your success and know you have been sent to us through inspiration.  There is something great for you to do here. Be humble, do the work and you will come to know God's purpose for you.

Monday, March 9, 2015

January--Random things!

Here are just a random sampling life during January.

 Dinner in Apeldoorn

 Toren in Groningen

 Foggy morning run on Vliet Canal

 De Salamander Molen

 Other side of the molen

 If we are at home, this is where I usually find President.

Studying, preparing or reading letters.

Mission Leader Council January 2015

Mission Leader Council happens every month.  It seems like it comes quickly.  On January 9, 2015 we were trained on the items out of Preach My Gospel for the coming transfer at the end of January.

Back Row L to R:  Elder Corsini, Elder Bonney, Elder Lyman, Elder Lee, Elder Bosco, Elder Elkins, Elder Cook, President Robinson, Elder Torniainen, Elder Holt,  Elder Robbins, Elder Krebs, Elder Pouwer
Front Row  L to R:  Elder Bourne, Sister Verdegem, Sister Jones, Sister Fredrickson, Sister Jaramillo, Elder Alston

 It is starting out bad if they start with President!

 The back row is looking dangerous!

 Elder are into it today!

 This could go on forever!  Notice the AP's stay out of the fray!

Mid-Transfer Transfers

On January 7, 2015 we had a mid-transfer transfer for five missionaries.  Due to several reasons, we had these great missionaries leaving 
off of transfer cycle.  

These missionaries are remarkable missionaries.  They have served diligently, faithfully, and with great personal sacrifice.  Thank you for your examples of being Disciples of Christ.

 Elder Cockbain, Sister Reeder, Sister Greenwell, Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Elder Rozendaal, Elder Tyong-Ayong

Bright and early the next morning we say goodbye to the Sisters as their flight leaves first.  

 Elder Cockbain, President Robinson, Sister Robinson, Sister Reeder, Sister Greenwell, Elder Rozendaal

 Tot ziens Zuster Reeder! Wij houden van u!

 Hard to believe we are saying goodbye to these two great sisters.

 Nooit deze ervaring vergeten!

 Then down to the next gate to say goodbye to 
Elder Tyong-Ayong

 Elder Rozendaal, Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Elder Tyong-Ayong

 Dear friend, tot ziens!

 Goodbye to President.

 They all have a great love for President!

Then down to the final gate to bid Elder Cockbain goodbye.

 Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Elder Rozendaal, Haary van de Sanda (came to say goodbye to the Elders) Elder Cockbain

 Back to the office to say goodbye to Elder Rozendaal

Sister Robinson, Elder Rozendaal, President Robinson

We love you Elder Rozendaal.  You are like a son!