Friday, April 17, 2015

Service Project in Zoetermeer

On February 13, 2015 President Robinson and the missionaries serving in Zoetermeer spent the morning at a dairy helping Wouter.  Wouter is a new convert and everyone in Zoetermeer ward loves him.  Many times the members drop by to help him do his chores.  Being a farmer at heart, President could not resist the opportunity to put on 'work clothes' and feed cows.

 Elder Carter

 Elder Carter and President Robinson feeding brussel sprouts

 President Robinson dumping the sprouts to the dairy cows.

 Cows love brussel sprouts.

 President Robinson

 Elder Carter

 Sister Huber and Sister Faasavalu

 Sister Huber and Sister Thomas

 Sister Thomas

 President Robinson and Elder Carter

 Elder Ames and Elder Carter

 Sister Thomas and Sister Faasavaalu

 Sister Huber, Sister Thomas, Sister Faasavalu

 Happy Cows!

 An amazing sight--cows eating brussel sprouts

 Happy Elder Ames

 Noticing the cob webs

 Farm buildings are the same everywhere.

 The working crew--Elder Ames, Elder Carter, Wouter, Sister Thomas, Sister Faasavalu, Sister Huber

 Friends forever

Been through battle together!  That's what missionaries do.

Joint Teaching with Missionaries

The first week of February we took the time to go teach and do work with two companionship of missionaries.  The Elders in Groningen, Netherlands and the Sister in Turnhout, Belgium.

Finishing up with lunch in Groningen with President Robinson, Elder Losee and Elder Leon

Cold February day in the centrum of Groningen.  Toren in the background.
Elder Losee,

 On our way to a joint teach with a wonderful couple near Groningen.

President Robinson, Isaac, Sister Riley and Sister Castro 
Joint teach in Turnhout

Single Young Adults (JaVo) Fireside in Antwerpen

On February 1, 2015 President and I had a great evening with the JaVo's in Antwerpen Stake.  We enjoyed the fun, laughter and getting reacquainted with old friends.  Some of the missionaries joined us also.

 Elder Sheldon
 Sister Butler visiting with the JaVo's

 President Robinson; former missionary Sister O. (Blessing) and Sister Robinson

Zone Trainings in January

President and I attended Zone Trainings in Den Haag Zone on January 28, 2015 and Eindhoven Zone on January 29, 2015.

President and I really enjoy Zone Trainings.  These trainings are planned and done by the Zone Leaders and the Sister Training Leader.  The Zone District Leaders are often asked to help present the workshop break-out sessions. Zone Trainings give the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leader the opportunity to teach a chapter from PMG that the entire mission is focused on for the transfer.  However, they also have the privilege to focus on the individual needs of the missionaries in the Zone regarding the material--it could be teaching skills, using time wisely, feeling and following the Spirit--any chapter the mission is focused on at that time.  We are always amazed by the quality of the training, and the growth of the missionaries that present is unbelievable.  The Spirit is always in abundance at Zone Trainings.

 Zone Training in Den Haag

 Elder Abankie presenting at Zone Training in Den Haag.

 Lunch with Elder Pouwer, Elder Conatti, Elder Hunter and Elder Ames

 Elder Kartodirjo, Elder Abankie, Elder Carter

 Sister Faasavalu, Heidi (member from Almere) Sister Romig, Elder Romig, Elder Reese, Sister Thomas

 Elder Slingerland, Elder Rudolph, Elder Robinson, Elder Steenblik

 Sister Doxey, Sister Bradley, Sister Huber, Sister Begazo

 Happy Birthday to Sister Begazo, Elder Abankie, Elder Brown with Sister Robinson

 Birthday song as only missionaries can sing it!

 Never gets old!

 Zone Training in Eindhoven

 L to R:  Elder Matos, Elder Lundburg, Elder Denny, Elder Davis, Elder Argueta, Elder Jones, Elder Bean, Elder Heinricks, Elder Bishesar, Sister Jensen, Elder Goff, Elder Peterson, Elder Blackhurst, Elder Larson, Elder Danpai, Sister Jaramillo, Sister Lemich, Elder Bean, Elder Enslow, Elder Lee, Sister Robbins, Sister Whittington, Elder Thorniaien, Elder Gross, Elder Nielson, Sister Manning, Elder Warner, Sister Ramirez, President Robinson, Sister Robinson, Sister Butler, Elder Butler.


About the one and only snow storm we had this winter was on 
January 30, 2015.
This is the view of the backyard of the Mission Home as the sun rises on a cold winter day.  Snow does not last long. By the next day it is pretty much gone.