Thursday, October 24, 2013

September Mission Leaders Council

President and I enjoy Mission Leaders Council each month in the Mission Home.  With the increase to six Zones and six Sister Training Leaders, we have twenty mission leaders begin trained and making the necessary decisions that will give direction to the Mission for the next months.  We love and appreciate these missionaries.  They shoulder an added responsibility along with their regular missionary work.  And they do it willingly and well.

 Elder Burton and Elder Taylor
The AP's do an excellent job in organizing and conducting this meeting.  President and I sit back and marvel at the leadership abilities of these fine missionaries.

 Elder Burton and Elder Taylor
This is Elder Burton's last Mission Leaders Council.  We love him and wish him well in his last transfer.  He will be training one of our new missionaries out to the MTC.  We believe that leaders should not take their leadership home with them, but leave their leadership in the mission by training their replacement at all times.
Thank for all you have done Elder Burton.

Back Row:  Sister Omozopkia, Sister Aldous, Sister Wood, Sister Hudson, Elder Armstrong, Elder Sumter, President Robinson, Elder Lewis, Elder Praag, Elder Van Komen, Elder Huff, Sister Juchau, Elder Eastmond,
Sitting:  Elder Andrews, Elder Douglas, Elder Taylor, Sister Rigdon, Elder Thueson, Elder Burton, Elder Mathis, Elder McKee

 Elder Andrews, Elder McKee, Elder Huff, Sister Omozopkia were released due to transfers, training and mission releases.  Thank you all for the service you have give to the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  You will be missed!

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