Saturday, October 25, 2014

Visit from wonderful Belgium Friends

September 20, 2014 President and I met Patriarch Buysse and his wife at the temple on Saturday.  After a wonderful session of the temple, we had a great lunch at the Mission Home. 

 Patriach Buysse, Sister Buysse, President Robinson

Sister Buysse, Sister Robinson, President Robinson

The Buysse's and The Robinson's selfie while on their walk along the canal.

September Mission Leaders Council

September Mission Leaders Council was held on September 19, 2014.  We had some new members.  It has been a busy week with transfers and it was great to  end transfer week with our Mission Leaders Council.

These pictures are taken during the Council section of the meeting.

Mission Leaders currently serving on the Council
Elder Bishop, President Robinson, Elder Cook, Elder Corsini, Elder Bitters, ElderRudolph, Elder Moomey, Sister Verdegem, Elder Alston, 
Sister Morris, Elder Bosco, Sister Spencer, Elder Krebs, Sister Johnson,
Elder Cooper, Sister Elting, Sister Otteson, Elder Bonney, 
Elder Pouwer, Elder Bourne, and Elder Cockbain

Then it is time to 'act your age'.

Elder Pouwer is going over!

First he act alone, then….

watch out….

he is not acting alone any longer!

No one else is worried, you're on your own Elder Pouwer.

Great Council, Great Group, Great Missionaries!

Elder Ballard Conference in September

Elder Ballard, President Dykes of the European Area Presidency, and Elder Hallstrom from the Presidency of the Quorum of Seventy spent the day with our Missionaries on September 11, 2014.

NOTE:  we are still awaiting the pictures of the conference that were taken for us. We will add more at a later date. 

The two pictures below were taken from the church website

Missionaries greeting President and Sister Robinson, Elder Ballard, and 
Elder Hallstrom

Belgium Netherlands Missionaries filing up to greet Elder Ballard, Elder Hallstrom and President Dyches from the European Area Presidency

Following are the pictures from our morning and our meeting with Elder Ballard.  Every missionary was able to shake hands with Elder Ballard.

Hope you were able to find your missionary!

This second set of pictures are from the September 11, 2014 Evening Meeting that Elder Ballard held for the Den Haag Stake members.  You will see some of the missionaries in the pictures as they are currently serving in these wards that were invited to attend this meeting so they had the opportunity to attend both morning and evening meeting with Elder Ballard.


We hope you were able to find some familiar faces from the Netherlands!