Thursday, October 24, 2013

Senior Couples Council

On October 4, 2013 we held our quarterly Senior Couples Council in the Mission Home.  It is wonderful to get together with the Senior Couples and Members who work in our JoVo Centrums for the Stakes.  We had a great training in the morning by President Scheltinga and Brother and Sister Goud.  

After lunch, for those who could make it, we went to the temple for a special session with the Senior Couples.  It was wonderful to spend
 the afternoon in the temple with them.

 Brother Goud, Elder Anjewierden and Sister Anjewierden

 Sister Anjewierden, Elder Romig, Sister Romig
 President Scheltinga, Brother Muurling, Sister Muurling

 Sister and Elder Kruizinga

 Sister and Brother Klijwig

 Brother and Sister Boghaert

 Time to talk.

 It is great to ask and share about how best to help our
JoVo Centrums be better.

 There are always the concerns on doing the work.

 Listening and Learning.

 Questions and concerns are answered.

 Elder and Sister Anjewierden

 It is so good for our Senior Couples to get together once a quarter.
Elder and Sister Seiter and Elder and Sister Anjewierden.

Visiting and solving concerns.

Sister Winmill and Sister Evenhuis

Dishes and dessert!
Sister Winmill, Sister Robinson, Sister Evenhuis

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