Thursday, May 2, 2013

Working in Zwolle

April 3, 2013 President and I spent time in Zwolle teaching with Elder Armstrong and Elder King.  We had the opportunity to teach a lesson to three different investigators.  

Elder Armstrong teaching and testifying.

Elder King reading asking our investigator to read from the Book of Mormon.  Afterward, they asked thoughtful and inspired questions and bore testimony.  We felt the Spirit and our investigator was in tears.  She knows the gospel and the Book of Mormon is true.

Later that evening we had dinner with the Spijkerman Familie of Zwolle.  Thank you to the Elders and the Spijkerman Familie.  Het was en heel goede dag!

 Brother Spijkerman and two of his daughters.

The Spijkerman daughters.

Sister Spijkerman had already left for an appointment, so we missed getting pictures with her.  But thank you Sister Spijkerman for the wonderful 'eeten'.

Thank you Elders.  Thanks for the work you do, the Spirit you bring to each lesson you teach and for your commitment to serve The Lord in such a way that others can have experiences with the Spirit. Missionary work is exciting!

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