Wednesday, May 15, 2013

President's Weekly Letter #32

(1 Nephi 18:1)

Belgium/Netherlands Mission 


1.     Keep Your Hands and Body Clean
2.     Eat Food Kept and Prepared Sanitarily
3.     Eat a Balanced Diet Daily
4.     Keep Personal Clothing Clean, Pressed, Mended
5.     Keep Your Living Quarters Clean
6.     Exercise Regularly
7.     Get Adequate Rest and Learn to Manage Stress
8.     Mission Emergency Plan
9.     Missionary Security
10.  Proper Medical Care

Commandment 1:  Keep Your Hands and Body Clean

1. Lather hands with soap for 30 seconds
       Before and after handling raw food and before eating
       After using the bathroom
       After proselyting, church meetings, etc.
       After touching anything that is wet** from a person or animal
2.  Anything that is wet includes**
       Coughing and/or sneezing
         Use a sleeve  
       Blowing your nose
         Good manners—leave the room—wash hands
       Wiping your nose
         Good manners---do so as not to bring attention
       Rubbing nose, eyes, mouth
         Don’t do it
3.     Bath or shower daily
       Wash hair often enough so it has a fresh smell and no flaking.  Daily if necessary.
       Wash ears, behind ears, neck
4.     Brush and floss teeth and gums every day prevents cavities, gum disease
and bad breath
       Brush teeth after eating or at least morning and evening
       Floss between teeth once daily—wash hands first
        Brush gum line with Listerine once daily

Commandment 2:  Eat Food Kept and Prepared Sanitarily

1.  Food preparation
·      Wash your hands
·      Refrigerate and store food properly
·      Throw away expired or spoiled food
·      Bless your meals and food
·      Be mindful of dinner invitations

Commandment 3:  Eat a Balanced Diet Daily

1.  Proper diet
·      Eat food from all groups daily and in
            proper proportions
       Weigh regularly - keep weight stable
       Learn to politely decline food
2.  A multi-vitamin and mineral supplement is recommended.  
       ELDERS:                    one multivitamin/mineral daily
       SISTERS:                    one multivitamin/mineral,
                                    two 600 mg. calcium tablets daily
       No other supplements or megadose vitamins are recommended.  Do NOT use “high energy” preparations

Commandment 4:  Keep Personal Clothing Clean, Pressed Mended

1. Clean and Press Personal Clothing
       Fresh pair of socks daily  
       Fresh underwear daily
       Fresh, pressed white shirt daily
       Washing Machines:
       Not high capacity—do small loads
       Wash similar colors and items together
       Remove clothes from washer and machine dry, or hang up to dry
       Do a load at night, remove in morning if necessary
 2. Professionally Clean Personal Clothing
       Clean Suits  (one a transfer) 
       Professional Press and then HANG SUIT AND PANTS CORRECTLY EACH NIGHT
       Clean winter coat at least each spring
       Skirts or other items
       Clean ties/sweaters—hand wash, dry flat and press as needed
3.  Mend Personal Clothing
       Clothing is to fit properly
       Sisters—tights note for legging—“In colder climates, you may wear dark, conservative-colored leggings; however, they should only be worn under longer skirts to increase warmth. Wear boots or similarly colored nylons to avoid showing the bottom of the legging.”
       Mend and fix as needed
       Check at stomerij met kledingreparatie

Commandment 5:  Keep Your Living Quarters Clean

1. Sloppiness:
       Breeds contention,
       Aggravates depression,
       Lessens the presence of the Holy Spirit.
       You cannot study and concentrate in clutter
2. Sanitary and Orderly Living
       Clean kitchen, bathroom regularly     
       Empty and clean kitchen and room trash receptacles daily if necessary
       Clean bedding weekly – cover your mattress, pillow cases
       Personal desk, drawers, shelves, cupboards, etc.
3.  REMEMBER:  your apartment will be inspected
4. Taking care of appliances in apartments
·      Includes washers, dryers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, stoves and ovens, dishwashers, etc.
·       Responsible to clean and do routine maintenance such as
o   Clean interior and exterior, clean vents, screens. 
o   Things that are necessary to make it run and work correctly without causing damage.  Defrost your freezer when ice begins to build up.

Commandment 6:  Exercise Regularly

1. Exercise Regularly
·      Look and feel better
·      Feel stronger, more stamina
·      Learn quicker
·      Controls anxiety/depression
·      Exercise Regularly Includes
       Six times each week

Commandment 7:  Get Adequate Rest and Learn to Manage Stress

1.  Rest - Follow the schedule in the Missionary Handbook
2. Manage Stress - Learn to relax and turn off “useless adrenalin”
       Relaxation training
       Approved music
       Ponder & Pray
3. Eliminate Distractions
       Approved - Musical instruments you can play in sacrament meeting and brings you closer to Christ
       Practice only on P-Day
       Unapproved musical instruments – All other instruments
       Approved Music – Mormon Tabernacle Hymns, piano hymns, Christmas music
       Unapproved music – All other music
       Art/Craft projects—pottery, clay
       Board and other games
       Books not on approved list found in (PMG p. ix and 22)
       No recorded books or e-books
       Recorded Standard Works are acceptable
       Transfer Brackets
       Email guidelines: Missionaries are to write to their families each week and are also authorized to communicate by email with friends, priesthood leaders, and new converts.  Before entering into communication, including via email, with converts and others of the opposite gender within the mission boundaries, the Mission President must first give approval and/or conditions.

Commandment 8:  Mission Emergency Plan

1.  Know the Mission Emergency Plan
·      Phone tree, funds (€100.00), transportation, gathering places
·      Store food staples and pure water to last for 72 hours.

Commandment 9:  Missionary Security

1.  Actions, words and thoughts
·      Keep actions, words, and thoughts in harmony with the message of the gospel.
·      Don’t react in anger to insults or threats
·      Do not become involved in discussions of political matters or world affairs.
·      Stay away from public demonstrations and locations that might be targeted.

Commandment 10:  Proper Medical Care

1.     Exercise your faith: Receive a Priesthood Blessing
2.     Learn to treat common problems
3.     Too sick to work, call Sister Robinson
4.     Discuss unusual symptoms promptly with Sister Robinson
·      Missionary Health Manual / MTC Handout
       Mission Medical Coordinator is Sister Robinson
       Area Medical Advisor is Dr. Swensen
       Missionary Medical Agency is the Medical Staff in Frankfurt Germany
       Authorized physicians, hospitals and laboratories as developed
5.  Avoid the following:
·      Don’t go to the emergency room without authorization unless is a life threating emergency
·      Don’t buy or take prescription medicine, receive an injection, or have a surgical procedure without authorization
·      Don’t call or email home about the problem
o   There is a protocol to notify parents if necessary through Sister Robinson
·      Don’t use acupuncture, massage treatments, or unauthorized supplements

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