Monday, May 13, 2013

The Mission Begins to Change!!

On April 12, 2013 the Belgium Netherlands Mission began to take on the new changes as outlined in new directives from The First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve Apostles.  We no longer have Zone Leaders Council, but now hold Mission Leadership Council.  We welcomed four Sisters to our meeting as we began to council regarding their new role and how to implement it in the Mission.

Along with the eight Zone Leaders, the two AP's, President and me, the following sisters have been called as Sister Leader Trainers--Sister Nielson, Sister Stout, Sister Jones and Sister Schwab j

 Elder Li, AP to President, presenting in the morning session

 Sister Stout, Elder Wright, Elder Kunz

 Elder Maughan, Elder Mortensen, Elder Van Rij, Sister Schwab

 Elder Romer, Elder Taylor, Sister Jones

 Sister Nielson, Elder Burton, Elder McKee

For the afternoon session, we pushed the tables together and Elder Li and Elder Van Rij conducted the council items for the Mission.

 Elder Li, Elder Maughan, Elder Mortensen, Elder Van Rij, Elder Romer, Elder McKee, Elder Burton, Sister Stout, Elder Wright

 Sister Stout, Elder Wright, Elder Kunz, Sister Nielson, Elder Taylor, Sister Jones, Elder Li, Elder Maughan, Elder Mortensen

 Elder Maughan, Elder Mortensen, Elder Van Rij, Sister Schwab, Elder Romer, Elder McKee, Elder Wright

 Discussions were great and all were in full support of all counseled items.

 President Robinson is sitting away from the table.  The Zone Leaders, AP's, and Sister Leader Trainers for the council and have the discussions and make the decisions for the items.  President and I sit back and watch in awe as this outstanding group of missionaries lead the mission.  The Spirit is present during the entire day, but especially so in the council session.  

 It felt so 'right' to have the Sisters present in the meeting, with a calling, responsibility and purpose. Our council is organized under the direction of the First Presidency, under the direction of the Lord.  President has struggled for months on how to best support and help the sister missionaries and have their voice heard in the affairs of the mission.  He wanted to do it the Lord's way, but was not given clear inspiration on how that was to look to accomplish our needs.  In February when we were in Frankfurt, Germany at Mission President's training with Elder Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostle, the concern was brought up.  At that time, Elder Holland said that the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve were involve in discussions on how to be more inclusive with the increased number of Sister Missionaries coming into the field.  He asked all Mission Presidents at that time to wait and allow the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve to outline it the Lord's way.  It was worth the wait.  

Back row: Elder Kunz, Elder Wright, Sister Nielson, Sister Stout, Sister Schwab, Sister Jones, Elder Maughan, Elder Taylor
Front Row: Elder Mortensen, Elder Li, Elder Van Rij, President Robinson, Elder Burton, Elder McKee, Elder Romer

This was the final Mission Leadership Council for Elder Van Rij, as he was released as AP, for Elder Mortensen, as he was released as Zone Leader and is training this last transfer before he returns home, and Sister Stout who will be released as Sister Leader Trainer as she returns home on May 23, 2013.

Thank you Elder Mortensen and Elder Van Rij for the months of service as Zone Leader and AP. Sister Stout, thank you for serving for one month.  You had valuable insights and wisdom as we counseled how best to help and support the sister missionaries.  We love you all for your commitment to the mission and to the Lord.  

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