Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Temple Zone Conference Day Two

Day two of Temple Zone Conference was for the Apeldoorn and Antwerpen Zones.  Again, wonderful morning at the temple will all the missionaries and the afternoon in Keukenhof.  The missionaries love the Temple Zone Conference.  As the missionaries come into the Celestial Room of the Temple, we all feel how strong the Spirit is present.  It is an unique sight and feeling to be in the Celestial Room of the Temple with 50+ missionaries. Taking with President and Sister Klijweg, the Temple President, they also feel a unique Spirit in the temple when it is filled with missionaries.  We all want to stay as long as possible and quietly ponder, pray and feel the Spirit.

Apeldoorn and Antwerpen Zone
April 17, 2013

Apeldoorn and Antwerpen Zones
April 17, 2013

Just for Fun!
That's how we feel about the Mission!

Afternoon lunch, Birthdays with out 'Moment of Glory' where we share with a shout out what gifts or attributes that missionary posses that has blessed our live or impacted us in some unique way, New Missionary testimony, and departing Missionaries Testimonies.

Gathering up our Birthdays.

Our Dutch Happy Birthday Song!

Fijne Verjaardag iedereen!

Elder Alston is a New missionary serving in Gent.  

He shared a little about himself.

And bore a powerful testimony of why he is here on his mission and testified of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Welcome Elder Alston.

Sister Stout has served faithfully and is an outstanding missionary.  She shared her love and testimony with the Zones.

She shared wise counsel in a way that only Sister Stout could share.

We laughed!

We cried!

We felt the Spirit.

And, we will miss you Sister Stout.  

Thank you for your service and love.

Elder Pope shared his departing testimony.

Elder Pope has been serving as District Leader in Groningen.  He had a marvelous and spiritual experience serving there prior to returning home.

Elder Pope served as Financial Elder in the Mission Office for about 6 months of his Mission.  He was great at the job.

He shared his testimony and we felt the Spirit--we will miss you Elder Pope.

Elder Bickham also leaves for home.  Elder Bickham has been an inspiration to everyone in the mission.

We love his sense of humor and he always surprises us with what he says.

He shared his testimony by reading from his journal.

Thank you Elder Bickham, for who you are and what you have become as a Missionary in the Belgium Netherlands Mission. We will miss you.


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