Wednesday, May 15, 2013

As More Come----More Leave

Good bye to three great Elders.  On May 1, 2013 we had three Elders come to the Mission Home for their final Testimony Meeting and evening with President and me.  We are sad to see Elder Pope, Elder Bickham and Elder Larson leave the mission field.  

  Voor mij!

 President Robinson, Sister Robinson, Elder Bickham,Elder Pope, Elder Larsen

 President and Sister Robinson, Elder Pope

 President and Sister Robinson, Elder Larson

 President and Sister Robinson, Elder Bickham

 Elder Larson's parents traveled to pick up Elder Larson and Brother and Sister Larson spent the evening with us.  It was such a pleasure to meet them.  It was a very rewarding and memorable opportunity to personally thank them for their son and for the influence he has had in this mission and on President and me.  It was very special for us.  Thank you Brother and Sister Larson.

 The Larson family presented President and me with a wonderful keepsake gift. Sister Larson is a quilter, so she made a lap quilt with tulips around the outside boarder, and  'windmill' patterns in the center with quilt blocks.  It is beautiful. It is truly a gift from the heart made with love.  Thank you for a thoughtful gift.

Now, this is a side story that is worth telling.  Elder Bickham can do anything.  Really.  Elder Bickham is a problem solver. During his mission he wore out the 'seat' of his suit pants.  Knowing he would soon be going home, he patched his pants and just kept going. 

THE famous Elder Bickham with his patched suit pants.

Here is the 'inside' job.  Well done Elder Bickham!

Here is the 'outside' job.  You really made those suit pants last.

The Punchline:  The only reason we (everyone in the Mission) knows about Elder Bickham's pants is because at Zone Conference we were discussing the importance of clean and mended clothing.  Elder Bickham proceeded to share with us that he mended his pants with a pair of old socks.  Yes, the pants were mended with old blue socks.  And it worked!  That's why I had to get a picture of those pants.  They are famous in the mission.  He wore those suit pants home the next day!  You got your value out of that suit Elder Bickham!

Early the next morning, we left Elder Larson in the care and keeping of his parents.  We then took Elder Pope and Elder Bickham to the airport!

Sister Robinson, Elder Pope, Elder Bickham and President Robinson

 Goodbyes are always hard.

 And I know they will not get easier.

 It feels like sending you own children off somewhere for a little over two years until you see them again.

 These are great Elders and even better men!

 The last bit of advice--I don't know if it is to them or to us!

Here we part.  God bless.  We love you and know you are in for another great adventure of your life.  See you in a few---years!

I am going to miss that Elder!  Pants and all!

 And now on to the next great adventure for Us!  Are you ready Elders?  Don't answer that!

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