Friday, October 26, 2012

Seven New Missionaries

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 we received a wonderful group of Elders and one Sister from the MTC in Provo, Utah.  We have been hearing that this group of missionaries is exceptional.  We now know for ourselves this is true.

 Front row: Elder Eastmond, Elder Ipson, Elder Lind, Sister Robinson, 
Sister Rigdon  Back row:  Elder Pitts, Elder Suckow, Elder Swingle, 
President Robinson

We took them back to the Mission Office for paper work, orientation and interviews with the President. to the pannenkoeken huis.  This is their first real Dutch meal!

 Elder Van de Graaff

 President Robinson (we caught him trying to eat his before pictures)  
and Elder Ipson
 Elder Lind, Elder Eastmond, Sister Rigdon
 Elder Swingle, Elder Suckow, Elder Cundick
 Elder Pope, Elder Pitts, Elder Van Overbeek
 Elder and Sister Pankratz

After all the legality issues were taken care of it was off to the Mission Home for a well needed nap.  After a nap and dinner, we had a short welcome and testimony meeting.  Finally, they opened their letters telling them were they would serve and who their new companions and trainers were going to be.

 Elder Swingle will serve in Heerlen with Elder Burton

 Elder Lind will serve in Eindhoven with Elder Roemer

Elder Eastmond will serve in Nijmegen with Elder McKee

 Elder Suckow will serve in Utrecht with Elder Armstrong

 Sister Rigdon will serve in Haarlem with Sister Stout

 Elder Pitts will serve in Heerenveen with Elder Sosa

 Elder Ipson will serve in Vlissingen with Elder Van De Graaff

 Elder Swingle

 Elder Lind

 Elder Eastmond
 Elder Ipson

 Sister Rigdon

 Elder Pitts

 Elder Suckow

Sister Rigdon, Elder Ipson, Elder Suckow, Elder Lind, Elder Pitts, Elder Eastmond, Elder Swingle, Sister Robinson, President Robinson 

Our great new missionaries.  They are well prepared from the MTC and they all come with strong and moving testimonies of Jesus Christ and his restored Gospel.  

 We couldn't be happier!  What a group!

 Elder Ipson will be serving with Elder Van de Graaff who has been serving as an AP to President Robinson.  He is now leaving to train Elder Ipson and the two of them will open Vlissingen.  Congratulations.

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