Friday, October 26, 2012

More Senior Couples

October 10, 2012 we greeted two new Senior Couples at Schipol Airport.  We LOVE our Senior Couples.  I don't know how any Mission runs without wonderful Senior Couples.  We are so blessed to now have 9 Senior Couples in our Mission!

Welcome to the Woodhouses and the Lyons.

 Front Row:  Elder Lyons, Sister Lyons, Sister Pankratz, Elder Pankratz
Back Row:  Elder Woodhouse, Sister Woodhouse, Sister Robinson, 
President Robinson

We took them to the Mission Office and after their interview with President, got in their car, with phone in hand, and headed to their apartments. 

Elder and Sister DeLeeuw accompanied the Lyons to Bussum where they will work with the Young Single Adults in Utrecht.  Elder and Sister Everton accompanied the Woodhouses to Rotterdam where they will work with the Young Single Adults in Rotterdam.  Welcome to two truly wonderful and faithful Senior Couples.  These four missionaries bring talents and abilities that will bless our mission and the young adults they will be working with in their areas. The missionaries are thrilled and excited to have a Senior Couple back in Rotterdam, and now a Senior Couple in Utrecht.

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