Friday, October 26, 2012

Antwerpen Stake Conference

We had the great opportunity to speak at the Antwerpen Stake Conference in Antwerpen on Saturday evening, October 20, 2012.  We each spoke for 10 minutes.  My topic was "Called to Serve"  President's topic was "The Book of Mormon, Cornerstone of our Religion".  Really, it turned out quite well for me.  I had written my talk out in simple sentences with simple vocabulary and translated it into Dutch.  So, what would have probably been a 5 minute talk in English, took me 10 minutes to give in Dutch.  I'm pretty slow.  
President did great. 

Sunday afternoon at the general session in Brussels, President spoke again for 10 minutes.  I got the day off!  I love the Antwerpen Stake.  We did not realize how many wonderful friends and acquaintances we have in the Antwerpen Stake until we attended conference.  If we make this many friends in four months, wow, what will happen in three years!  I am beginning to understand when return missionaries say it is harder to go home from your mission than it was to leave on you mission, because of all the people you meet and love!

We stayed in Oosendrecht and President took this picture in that small quaint village. 

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