Friday, August 17, 2012

Zone Leaders Council--Again

I guess we are seasoned veterans.  We are now starting over with meetings, conferences and councils that we have done once before.  Wow, we have been here awhile!

We held the Zone Leaders Council again.  We were privileged to have all the Zone Leaders at the Mission Home August 15, 2012. 

Elder van de Graaff, and Elder van Overbeek, Assistants
Elder Bickham and Elder Guanuna, Den Haag Zone
Elder van Rij and Elder Li, Apeldoorn Zone
Elder Ellis and Elder Schulte, Rotterdam Zone
Elder Andrews and Elder Klippel, Antwerpen Zone

 Enjoying ontbijt!

 and visiting before we begin.

We had a great two hour training and then it was LUNCH!!

 L to R: Elder van de Graaff, Elder Li, Elder Andrews, 
Elder Klippel, Elder Bickham
 Elder Ellis, Elder Guanuna, Elder van Rij, Elder Schulte

 Look who I found in the kitchen!
Elder van Overbeek and President.  
Thank you for doing the dishes--I appreciate that.  

Note to the mothers of all these wonderful Elders--they all pitched in and helped me serve breakfast and lunch.  Every single one of them came and asked if they could help in some way--some carried dishes, cleared tables, run errands or hauled food from the refrigerator or to the refrigerator. You have raised your sons to be of service.  Thank you.

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