Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baptisms in Apeldoorn

Olina Fu 8 July, 2012


Olina Fu and Elder Li

Within the first five minutes of our first appointment with Olina, Jack and Leo they were Golden. After the opening prayer the spirit was so strong that they were shocked and amazed at how they felt. From there on their faith just grew by leaps and bounds and taking the step of baptism was something that they couldn't wait for.

Rainy Wang, 8 July 2012

Elder Li, Rainy, Elder van Rij and sissi

From the very first appointment we had with them. They knew it was true. The spirit was SO STRONG, we really didn't have to commit them to be baptized they were asking us about baptism. They are some of the most humble people I know. They are awesome and God was preparing them their whole life. They were really excited to make a promise with God, and willing to keep this promise for the rest of their lives!

Personal Note:

I had the personal pleasure one evening to attend a lesson for Olina.  Her testimony is strong, sure, and solid.  These young adults, Olina, Jack, Leo and Rainy are so very grateful for having found the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Thank you Elder Li and Elder van Rij for your role in inviting and helping so many that are prepared and looking for something more in their lives to 'Come Unto Christ'.

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