Sunday, August 19, 2012

Single Young Adults

Having taught Institute for thirteen years, I have a very special place in my heart for the Single Young Adult Program of the church.  The Single Young Adult program here in the mission is vibrant and alive!  It is a source of great missionary work.

Every third Sunday, all the Single Young Adults from all seven of our Single Young Adult Centers come together for a three hour activity.  The first hour is a fireside, the next hour is a light supper together, and the third hour is their own sacrament meeting.

This afternoon President and I attended the three hour block meeting in Gouda and enjoyed a fun time with the Young Adults, the leaders, and the Spirit.

 It is held in the Gouda Ward--President Robinson entering the building.

 We had over 80 people in attendance tonight.  These are great Young Adults.

 There is friendships and unity among the members and non members.

 This is a wonderful time to share testimonies and bring friends and investigators to the Gospel.

 There were opportunities to visit and laugh.

 Get caught up since they have last been together.

 Even after three hours, it's hard to say good bye.

 They are headed to the door, but not too fast.

And of course, our Senior Couples that work at the Single Young Adult Centers--Sister Anjewierden, Sister van Komen.  Sister Seiter, Sister Everton and Sister De Leeuw got away too fast!  Thanks Mission Senior Couples for all you do for our Single Young Adults!

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