Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekend in Heerlen

President and I spend Saturday, August 4, and Sunday, August 5, 2012 in Heerlen.  Heerlen is, I believe, the furthest point from the Mission Home.  Heerlen is a Military Branch, so it is English Speaking.  A lot of military families from Germany and Netherlands go to church in Heerlen, as well as native Dutch speaking members.  

We went out to visit with Elder Burton and Elder W. Christensen.  Elder Burton was just transferred to Heerlen and this was his first Sunday.  I love these missionaries.  They both bore their testimonies and when a missionary bears their testimony, the Spirit cannot be restrained.  That is what I love most about Missionary Work!

It was Fast and Testimony meeting and YES!, I understood every word in the meeting!  Yes, I bore my testimony, in English and in Relief Society.  Turned out perfect.  

There is a sister in Heerlen Branch that bounces between activity and inactivity.  She happened to be in Relief Society today.  She stated that what I said in my testimony was the answer she was searching for in her life right now.  It's humbling to be an instrument in the Lord's hands.
 I don't take any credit on this.  I just felt impressed not to bear my testimony in Sacrament Meeting, but felt very impressed to do so in Relief Society.  

That is one of my major goals on this mission--to follow the prompting of the Spirit. This was one of those times I was prompted and followed through; it blessed not only this sister's life, it blessed mine.  
Missionary work is the Lord's work!

This is the Church in Heerlen.  It was originally a candy factory that closed and the Church purchased the building and property and remodeled it into a really nice church building.  I was in the chapel on Saturday as a family was cleaning it for Sunday.  It was so great seeing a little family cleaning the church just like we see little (and big) families cleaning buildings back home.
The church is true everywhere!

The way into the parking lot to the church from the street is through the opening (archway) under the building where the car is driving out.  It was a little bit of a trick to find the church from the street.  Also, notice the bike parking lot.  Bike parking is 'covered parking'.  How nice!

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