Saturday, July 7, 2012

We Finish Up Zone Conferences

Den Haag Zone Conference

On Thursday, July 5, we met with the Elders and Sisters of the Den Haag Zone in Leiden.  Big group! This zone includes our office Elders, our AP's and our office Senior Couple.  We had a terrific day.  A small miracle occurred at this conference!  We had a young man doing a mini-mission for a week with one of the Elders.  He doesn't speak English--for the morning, the Elders translated for him.  However, that after President Robinson taught the remaining Zone Conference in Dutch. He shared the 'life lessons' part from the life of Nephi in Dutch. Interestingly, he had left his English scriptures at home and only brought his Dutch scriptures. I don't believe in coincidences, I only believe in tender mercies and miracles!  He was concerned about only having his Dutch scriptures--but it turned out to be a tender mercy.  The Dutch scriptures were exactly what he needed to do the afternoon training in Dutch.  Thanks Elder Salden for supplying some of those missing Dutch vocabulary words!

One very happy President!!  He did it!

 Sister Palenikova, Sister Stout

 Elder Mohrman, Elder Guanuna

 Elder Bickman

 Diligently taking notes from President's presentation in Dutch!

 Here are a great bunch of Elders, Elder Calkins gave the 'thumbs up'..

 On the far table is our three Senior Couples in the Den Haag Zone,  Elder and Sister Salden, Elder and Sister DeLeeuw (hard to see Sis. DeLeeuw), and Sister and Elder Pankratz.  We love you three couples.  We can see you are the foundation under the Zone!
 President in the process of teaching Zone Conference in Dutch!  

 The Sisters are on the far table and in the foreground.  Sister Gardner, Sister Moses, Sister Welch, Sister Larsen, Sister Stout.  In the foreground Sister Townsend, Sister Davies, and Sister Hinchcliff.  Sisters, it was a pleasure to spend the day with you.

 Check out the back rows of Elders on both tables!   
 Elder Calkins took our group photo, so this is how he got himself in the photo!
 Elder Culkins, from bottom to . .!  Thanks Elder Calkins, great picture!

The Den Haag Zone Conference----
My Den Haag Family.

Thank you for being part of a tender mercy.  You were wonderful to assist and support President as he gave his very first, from start to finish, presentation in Dutch.  We love you all.  We pray for your continued success.

Apeldoorn Zone Conference

On Friday, July 6, we held our last, and what we consider to be, the best Zone Conference.  The Spirit was there and the Elders were wonderful.  When we arrived they were all in their seats quietly waiting our arrival.  The music added to the Spirit.  We felt like we were walking into the Celestial Room!  As we went around the room shaking hands and introducing ourselves, it was a joy to meet each one.  They are excellent Elders.  There was something about that experience that will start with us--it felt unique.

We had a wonderful time getting to know the Zone and enjoyed the training that we did.  We felt it was the best, maybe because we finally had it the way we wanted it to be.  Thank you for your testimonies, we appreciated every one of them.  The Spirit filled the room when you stood to bear testimony.

Elder and Sister Van Koman, Elder Nielsen, Elder Sanderson, Elder Stoddard, Elder Benson, Elder McDaniel, Elder Van Rij, Elder Stanley, Sister Robinson, Elder Armstrong, President Robinson, Elder Harvey , Elder Shoemaker, Elder Douglas, Elder Davis, Elder Moscon, Elder Larson, Elder Pitchforth, Elder Christensen, Elder Li, Elder Taylor, Elder and Sister Anjewierden. 
Elder's Mortensen and McKee slipped away before we got the picture.  We love you.

We spent late afternoon and early evening on splits with Elder Van Rij, Elder Li, Elder Van De Graaff, and Elder Van Overbeek.  It was again a wonderful opportunity to sit in the home of these wonderful people and teach the gospel. Thank you for letting us go with you and the opportunity to bear testimony of the Restored Gospel and of Jesus Christ.


  1. So happy that you are keeping this blog! Just found it and I really appreciate the time you take to let us know the happenings in the mission. Thank you!

  2. Thank you Sister Robinson! I too appreciate your time and effort. It is so nice to feel connected to my son's mission.