Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our First New Elder Arrives

 Today, July 18, 2012, Elder Goethal arrived from the Preston England MTC.  Elder Goethal is from the Netherlands and has been at the MTC polishing up his English.  We are happy to have him back in the Netherlands and ready to serve.

Welcome Elder Goethal
Sister Robinson, Elder Goethal, President Robinson

Elder van Overbeek, Elder Goethal, Elder van de Graaff

We took Elder Goethal back to the Mission Office and all the paperwork, training, interviewing and tracting we could fit into an afternoon.  They all arrived at the Mission Home later for dinner and sharing of testimonies.  

 During that time, Elder Goethal's was give a letter with his new assignment. He read the area he was assigned to, was thrilled and then he ask Elder Jones to read the rest of the letter, as it was in English. 

Elder Goethal's will be serving in Leuven, Belgium with Elder Jones as his trainer.  

For now, that makes a three Elder companionship.  Elder Goethal, Elder Jones, and Elder Nish.

Congratulations and welcome to the best mission on earth, were the best Elder and Sister missionaries serve.

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