Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our First Zone Leaders Council

Thursday, July 26, 2012, we held our first Zone Leaders Council 
at the Mission Home.
This is a training done once a month by the President for all Zone Leaders.  It was a pleasure having these outstanding young missionaries in our home today.
Thank you Elders for a great day.

 Start with breakfast and personal updates.  These Elder truly love one another.  They are fast friends, many have served together.  This is a chance to see one another again and get caught up. 

 For some Zones, it is a two hour trip into the Mission Home.  They enjoy the brotherhood they have for each other and  chance to visit.

 President Robinson training and teaching from the scriptures.  
Digging into Doctrine.

 Elder Bickham, Elder Ellis, Elder van Overbeek, President Robinson

 Elder Li, Elder Andrews, Elder Schulte, Elder Bickham, 
Elder Ellis, Elder van Overbeek

Elder van deGraff, Elder Davis, Elder Guanuna, Elder Van Rij, Elder Li
Elder Andrews, Elder Schulte, Elder Bickham

It was over way too soon.  At 3:30 PM we sent them out the door after giving them an afternoon snack of doughnuts, warm cookies and cold milk.  Remember how good an 'after school' snack use to taste?

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