Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meeting More Church Leaders

A remarkable blessing of this calling is the opportunity to meet with great church leaders in Belgium and Netherlands.  Thursday evening we met with the Den Haag Temple President and his wife.  President Klijweg and his wife graciously met with us in the temple for over an hour.  First we took the time to visit with Sister Klijweg who showed us (President and I, Elder Van De Graaff and Elder Van Overbeek) the Baptismal Font.  As in any temple, it was beautiful.  She shared how they have been given permission to open the door below the font, behind the Oxen, to let Primary groups see inside at the Oxen.  They are building faith, knowledge and desire in the Primary Children to come back to the temple in a few years to do baptisms for the dead.  

For our meeting, the Klijweg's took us into the Brides Room.  I told the Elders they were a privileged pair of young men. Only Brides and mothers get the opportunity to see and use the Brides Room.  

It was a personal meeting as well.  The Klijweg's daughter married the son of the family President had the opportunity to teach and baptize while on his mission in 1969.  The Klijweg's expressed such a humble thank you to President for his faithfulness in coming on a mission and finding the Dizaire Family.  Every day, in some form, President Robinson acknowledges that so many blessings have come to him in his lifetime because he served a mission.  This meeting was one such blessing.

Friday, July 13, the four of us met with President Boom of the Apeldoorn Stake.  We spent an informative hour with he and his wife.  President Boom told us of all the great missionary efforts going on in his Stake and outlined how he feels the missionaries in his Stake can best support and help the members of his Stake in their efforts.  These are exciting times.  For those parents with missionaries in the Apeldoorn Zone--they are in for some exciting missionary work.  

As always, I return home so blessed. I do not know why we have this great opportunity and blessing, but both President and I acknowledge our Heavenly Father for this great opportunity to serve this mission at this time with these missionaries and church leaders.  The church is true.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ will be carried to every people in every climb.  It will go forth nobly and "as well might man stretch forth his puny arm to stop the Missouri river in its decreed course, or to turn it up stream, as to hinder the Almighty form pouring down knowledge from heaven"...(D&C 121:33) upon the heads of the missionaries going forth to teach and preach the Gospel in Belgium and the Netherlands. This is my testimony.

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