Sunday, July 20, 2014

Special Zone Training

June 13 and 14, 2014 we held a special Zone Training that has been in the planning since the fall of 2013.  We had the opportunity to have Elder Boom of the Third Quorum of Seventy attend and present our Zone Training.  He and his wife were our special guests.  The morning sessions were held with both Sisters and Elders.  President Robinson presented and Elder Boom took the remaining of the morning with his presentation.  

The afternoon session Sister Boom and Sister Robinson each presented in a special session just for the Sisters.  Sister Boom spoke on how, as women, sisters in the Gospel and future wives, we can and should work hand and hand with the Priesthood.  Sister Robinson presented on 'Moving from Perfectionism to Unconditional Love and Service' (Moving from the most selfish quality which is all about me, to the most selfless quality which is all about others) while Elder Boom spoke with the Elders about their 'mission' after their mission. 

It was a great two days.  We are extremely grateful to Elder and Sister Boom for accepting our invitation to join with us and present at our Special Zone Training.

Elder and Sister Boom
Elder Boom is a member of the Third Quorum of Seventy

 One of the Favorite things at Zone Conferences and Trainings is 
Happy Birthday Time
and Song!

Sorry for the blurry pictures.  If you saw how fast paced this song was, you would realize the pictures are actually really great!

Happy Birthday all the June Birthday Missionaries.

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