Sunday, July 27, 2014

Senior Couples P-Day Outing

On June 28, 2014 the Senior Couples of the Mission had a wonderful P-Day on the island of Texel. It was the last time we could get together before the Seiter's returned home from the mission.
 It is the first island from the mainland that is in the northwestern cost of the Netherlands.  We all met in Den Helder and boarded the ferry to Texel.  

 The seagulls know when and where to get fed.  They followed the ferry over and back.  People would through bread, fries, etc up in the air and they seagulls would catch it.  Just beware of 'bird bombs'!

President Robinson
 We traveled to the top end of the island to see the lighthouse.  The 'strand' was beautiful.  Elder and Sister Romig took the long walk from the road to the edge of the water.

 The wonderful picturesque streets and centrum.  It was fun to just "window shop' and enjoy the afternoon.

 Elder and Sister Romig, Elder and Sister Klyne, President Robinson,
Elder and Sister Seiter.  Missing for the day were Elder and Sister Winmill.

These are wonderful people.  We could not do what is required with their help. The missionaries depend on the Senior Couples for so many things and President and I are grateful for your service.  We currently have five new Senior Couples called to the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  Two couples will be coming in August, two couples will be coming in October, and one couple in November.

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