Sunday, July 27, 2014

Losing Five Missionaries

As with every transfer, we are so excited to receive new missionaries.  They bring energy and enthusiasm to the mission.  That enthusiasm is a blessing to all the mission.  

As with every transfer, we find it bittersweet to say goodbye to missionaries who have served so well and so diligently.  Many of these missionaries have been part of the leadership of the mission and have truly carried a huge weight of the mission.

We love you and will miss you.

 Elder Gomez, Elder Loorbach, Elder Pimentel, Elder Goethals, Elder Alfaro
President and Sister Robinson

  That evening, after our testimony meeting, we said goodbye to Elder Goethals and sent him with his family who came to pick him up.  The next morning we delivered Elder Loorbach to the Mission Office for his drive home. We then continued to the airport to help the missionaries get on their scheduled flights 

 Elder Pimentel, Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Elder Alfaro, Elder Gomez

 Another opportunity and experience with 'goodbyes'

 We always say goodbye to the best!

 We feel like we are flinging our children to the far corners of the world.

Goodbyes are never easy.

Heavy hearts.

Elder Alfaro, President Robinson, Sister Robinson, Elder Pimentel, Elder Gomez

We wish you all success with the next chapter in your 'book of life', or your mission after your mission.  

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