Wednesday, January 1, 2014

President Teixeira's Mission Tour Zone Conference

December 10, 2013 President and I along with our Assistants  Elder Van Komen and Elder Lewis, picked up President and Sister Teixeira from the airport and began our week of conferences with dinner and a planning meeting with the Assistants. 

 Elder Lewis and Elder Van Komen

 Sister and President Teixeira

 President and Sister Robinson

 Back at the hotel, President Teixeira held a planning meeting with the Assistants.

 President taught, trained and challenged the Assistants to plan, set goals and achieve with faith what the Lord has required at their hands here in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  

 Through role-play and really thinking beyond what we sometimes 'think' we can accomplish and do, President Teixeira inspired and motivated each of us to do and be more than we are now.

 December 11, 2013 we held our first Zone Conference with the Den Haag Zone, Amsterdam Zone and Apeldoorn Zone.

December 12, 2013 we held our second Zone Conference with the Rotterdam Zone, Antwerpen Zone, and Eindhoven Zone.

Sister Robinson wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas from President and her.  Also, missionaries were encouraged to make Christmas Day a Christ-Centered day with their Missionary Work.

Elder Douglas and Elder Taylor

Elder and Sister Seiter, Sister Greenwell and Sister Gallegos.

Elder Rudolph, Elder Chantry, Elder Pugh, Elder Argueta, Elder Pitts

Sister Brophy, Sister Djoukeng, Sister Morris

Elder Praag, Elder Endicott, Elder Sanderson

Elder Slingerland, Elder Krebs, Elder Bean, Elder Van de Merwe, Elder Sumter

Elder Hunt, Elder Frisby, Elder Bitters, Elder Moomey

Elder K. Hansen

Elder England, Elder Corsini, Bro. Geens, Zendings Lieder uit Gent, Belgium.

Elder Enslow, Elder Eby, Elder Hulet, Elder Womeldorf

Elder Bourne, Elder Lind, Elder Ipson

Harry Van der Sanda

Elder Taylor, Elder Douglas, Elder Alfaro, Elder Gomez, Elder South, Elder Silva, Elder Davis

Elder Price, Elder Stanley, Elder Taylor, Elder Douglas, Elder Alfaro

Elder Thueson, Elder Toole, Elder Fowkes

Sister Packer, Sister Aston, Sister Frandsen, Sister Heilner, Sister Watkins, Sister Elting

Sister Meier, Sister Nelson, Sister Mizell

Elder Wombeldorf, Sister Juchau

Elder Armstrong, Elder Roemer

Elder Tjong-Ayong

President and Sister Robinson

December 13, 2013 President and Sister Teixeira trained the Mission Leadership at the Mission Leaders Council at the Mission Home.

Following the training, President Teixeira asked if we would take him and his wife not far from the Mission Home to the local windmill.

While there, President Teixeira made a short video of President and I about some of our thought about the mission, our time of service and how this has blessed and sanctified our marriage.

Getting the mic set up.

Setting up the camera and the sound.

The interview.

The windmill near the Mission Home, a saw mill named, 'The Salamander'.

President and Sister Teixeira, President and Sister Robinson

President and Sister Teixeira

Elder Van Komen, Elder Lewis, President and Sister Teixeira

It was a wonderful conference.  The missionaries were taught and inspired.  Many reports came to President the following days and weeks as to the successfulness of the missionaries as they implemented the ideas and approaches that were taught during the conference.  It was a wonderful way to enjoy the Christmas Season.

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