Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Sister Missionary

Another trek to Schipol Airport on Wednesday, January 22, 2014, to pick up another Missionary.  Sister Verdegem has arrived to join the 40 sisters serving in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.

 President Robinson, Sister Verdegem, Sister Robinson

 We cannot express how pleased and excited we are to have Sister Verdegem finally here in the mission.  She comes so prepared and willing to do the Lord's work here in the Netherlands with whatever is asked of her.  She has such a shine and happiness about her.  She has so much to offer us and the Lord.  Thank you, Sister Verdegem for your desires to serve the Lord as a missionary.

Back at the Mission Office, after the paperwork and interview, she has a chance to meet her trainer and Companion, Sister Otteson.  
They will be serving in Zoetermeer.
It is an exciting time to be a missionary in Zoetermeer.  Zoetermeer Ward just moved into a new Church building.  (It actually looks like a Utah Church Building which is amazing here in the Netherlands and Belgium) They will dedicate it in February and hold an Open House in March.  The Open House will be huge, they are planning on 25,000 people to attend the Open House and the focus will be on Missionary work.  These Sisters have the opportunity to be a big part of that work in preparation for the Open House and during the Open House.

Sister Otteson and Sister Verdegem

They didn't stay long in the Mission Office, they had a dinner appointment they had to get back to Zoetermeer to attend and appointments afterward.

Welcome to missionary work Sister Verdegem.  You have 'hit the road running' and it will not stop for 18 months!!

We love you both.  Success.


  1. Great to see Sr. Verdegem has arrived safely! All the best to her and her companion/trainer Sr. Otteson!

  2. How great to hear about my sister-in-law Kimberley Verdegem!! We are very proud of her! :)

  3. Kimberley we wensen u veel succes in zoetemeer ! Je ziet er heel gelukkig uit :) dikke kus van ons. Rudi en Marleen