Saturday, January 18, 2014

January Mission Leaders Council

Friday, January 17, 2014, we held Mission Leaders Council in the Mission Home.  It's a New Year and some new missionaries are serving on the council.

This is our favorite meeting of the month.  We love all other meetings with missionaries.  The Spirit is always present when we meet with missionaries.  We love this particular meeting because it is the Leadership of the Mission.  This is the opportunity for President and I to be eye witnesses in watching the Assistants, the Zone Leaders and the Sister Training Leaders truly lead the mission.  The Assistants teach and instruct, President and I participate and instruct, and the entire council discusses successes, concerns and steps to correct and improve.  They also council together to move the mission forward.  We are so grateful for the leadership of this Mission Leaders Council.  We are so grateful Heavenly Father is mindful of us and prepares and calls the leaders we have to move the work forward at this time.  They no only have leadership duties, but also their own missionary duties.  The success of the mission however, is the 150 missionaries that walk out of the door every morning and Invite Others to Come Unto Christ.

 Back Row: (l to r) Elder Sumter, Elder Praag, Elder Lewis, Elder Muse, Elder Pimentel, Elder Van Komen, President Robinson.
Second Row:  (l to r) Elder Eastmond, Elder King, Elder Gomez, Sister Hudson, Sister Heilner, Sister Meier, Sister Nelson, Sister Stevens, Sister Wood.
Front Row: (l to r) Elder Ipson, Elder Chantry, Elder Thueson, Elder Bishop, Elder Cooper.

Welcome to Elder Cooper, Elder Ipson, Elder Pimentel, Elder King, Elder Bishop, Sister Heilner and Sister Nelson.

And just plain silliness--makes the work move forward!

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