Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Our New Year Missionaries--Welcome!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014, we made our trip to Schipol Airport to pick up three new missionaries coming from the Provo MTC.

Elder Strikwerda, Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Elder Leon, Elder Ames

Elder Ames, Elder Strikwerda, President Robinson, Elder Van Komen, Assistant

What a great group of Elders.  They had to leave behind Elder Holt in the USA while he waits on Visa issues.  

President Robinson, Elder Van Komen, Elder Leon, and Elder Lewis, Assistant

Back in the Mission Office they took care of the Legal and Financial paperwork for the mission.  Then it was off to Oude Leiden for pannenkoeken.

 Sister Robinson, Elder Pimentel, Elder Ames, Elder Lewis, Elder Suckow, Elder Lororbach, Elder Cockbain, Elder Lind, Elder Strikwerda, Elder Van Komen, Elder Leon, President Robinson 

 Elder Loorbach, Elder Cockbain, Elder Lind, Elder Strikwerda, Elder Van Komen, Elder Leon, President Robinson, Sister Robinson, Elder Pimentel, Elder Ames, Elder Lewis, Elder Suckow

 Elder Leon

 Elder Leon

 Elder Ames

 Elder Ames

 Elder Strikwerda

 Elder Strikwerda

 President Robinson and his Assistants

 Elder Van Komen, President Robinson, Elder Lewis

 Elder Leon, Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Elder Ames, Elder Strikwerda

To the Mission Home for a well deserved nap.  
Later that afternoon we received two additional Elders from Suriname,  Elder Denpai and Elder Kortodirjo

 Elder Kortodirjo, Elder Ames, Elder Van Komen, Elder Leon, Elder Strikwerda, Elder Denpai, Elder Lewis

We enjoyed getting to know each other at dinner in the Mission Home and afterward had a great fireside.  Then each missionary opened their 'First Area' letters telling them who their trainer/companion would be and where they would be serving.

 Elder Denpai will serve in Utrecht with Elder Stanley.

 We already love Elder Denpai.  His is very excited to serve in Utrecht.

 Elder Kortodirjo will serve in Zwolle.

 He will be companions with Elder M. Hansen

 Elder Ames will serve in Genk, Belgium.

 His trainer/companion will be Elder Pitts.

 When he realized that Genk was in Belgium......

 ....he got really excited.

 Elder Strikwerda will serve in Hoorn.

 His trainer/companion will be Elder Pouwer.

 Elder Leon will serve in Amersfort.

 His trainer/companion will be Elder Endicott.

Wednesday morning we went back to the Mission Office for training from the Assistants.  After the first hour of training, the trainers and new missionaries meet and get to know each other.   I love this time.  There is an excitement, energy and Spirit that is wonderful.  I could enjoy that all day!

 Elder Denpai meets Elder Stanley

 Everyone introduces themselves and visits with the new missionaries.

 Everyone prepares for the last training before they depart for the train station to travel to their new cities.

 This new group of missionaries and trainers are great.  There was such a good, warm and loving Spirit in the room today.  This is really what it is about.  There was only love and acceptance--we all truly felt 'among friends and family' even though we had all just met within the last 24 hours.

 Elder Stanley and Elder Denpai  serving in Utrecht.

 Elder Hansen and Elder Kortodirjo

 They will be serving in Zwolle.

 Elder Leon and Elder Endicott serving in Amersfort.

 Elder Pouwer and Elder Strikwerda serving in Hoorn.

Elder Ames and Elder Pitts serving in Genk, Belgium.

Wow, another great transfer.  We are delighted with the three Elders from the Provo MTC.  Steller!!  We are humbled and so happy to finally get our Suriname Elders here in the country.  There have been visa issues for these two Elders.  They have served 8 months in Suriname waiting for the Dutch Visa.  When they walked into the Mission Home I could hardly hold back the tears.  It is a Mission Miracle that Elder Denpai and Elder Kortodirjo are now here in the Netherlands to serve in the mission to which they were called.  The Lord does hear and answer our prayers.  This has been a miraculous transfer.

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  1. Oh tears and laughter on this side of the planet as well. Blessings on all of you. Sister Grandma Ames