Monday, December 2, 2013

New Missionaries

Early on the morning on November 26, 2013 seven new missionaries arrived from the MTC in Provo.  Six Elders and one Sister.

Welcome to the Belgium Netherlands Mission, we have been waiting for you and you join a mighty work.  We are involved with the 'Hastening of Salvation' and building of a 5th Stake.  We are happy you are here to help move the work forward!  You are so very needed!

 President and Sister Robinson, Sister Jones, Elder Paur, Elder Torniainen, Elder Schmidt, Elder Eby, Elder Hills, Elder Reynolds.

Waiting in the train station for our return trip to Leiden Centraal.
This will become second nature to them during the next 18 months-two years.

 Getting all the paper and legal work done in the office.
Even after an all night flight, they are happy to be here--and we are happy the are here!

Then off to Lunch in Oude Leiden for pannenkoeken!

 Elder Taylor, Assistant; Elder Eby

 Elder Pimentel, Office Elder; and Elder Torniainen

 Elder Schmidt and Elder Suckow, Office Elder

 Sister Jones, Elder Van Komen, assistant; Elder Hills, Elder Reynolds, President Robinson, Elder Taylor, assistant;  Elder Eby, Elder Pimentel, Elder Torniainen, Elder Suckow, Elder Paur

 Sister Jones, Elder Reynolds, Elder Torniainen, Elder Hills, Elder Eby, Elder Schmidt, Elder Paur

 Yes, they really are in the Netherlands!

 Elder Schmidt

 Elder Paur 

 Elder Torniainen

 Elder Eby

 Elder Reynolds

 Elder Hills

 Sister Jones

 Elder Paur

 Elder Torniainen

 Elder Eby

 Elder Schmidt

 Elder Reynolds

 A great group of new missionaries!

 Now we see who they really are!!!

After a two hour nap, it is time of dinner and our fireside.

 Elder Reynolds and Sister Jones

 While the seven new ones were sleeping, we had Elder de Bisschop arrive from Belgium to join us.  Welcome Elder de Bisschop.

 President Robinson with Elder Reynolds

 President enjoys his salad.

 Elder Reynolds, Sister Jones, Elder Hills

 Elder Taylor and Elder de Bisschop

 Elder Paur and Elder Schmidt

 Elder Eby and Elder Suckow

 Elder Hills, Elder Torniainen, Elder Eby

After our testimony meeting, they opened their call letters telling them where they will first serve and who their trainers/companions will be for their first transfer.

 Elder Paur will serve in Arnhem with Elder Pouwer as trainer.

 Elder Reynolds will be serving in Leuven, Belgium with Elder Douglas as trainer.

 Elder Torniainen will be serving in Enschede with Elder Alston as trainer.

 Elder Hills will be serving in Spijkenisse with Elder Rudolph as trainer.

 Elder de Bisschop will serve in Ijmuiden with Elder Carter as trainer.

Elder Schmidt will serve in Almere with Elder Lyman as trainer.

 Elder Eby will serve in Rotterdam with Elder Enslow as trainer.

 Sister Jones will serve in Haarlem with Sister Omozopkia as Trainer.

Next Morning they met their new companions!  That is the best part of transfers!!

 Sister Jones and Sister Omozopkia

 Elder Reynolds and Elder Douglas

 Elder Carter and Elder de Bisschop

 Elder Eby and Elder Enslow

 Elder Schmidt and Elder Lyman 

 Elder Schmidt will be trained by Elder Lyman, who was trained by Elder King.

 Elder Hills and Elder Rudolph

 Elder Pouwer and Elder Paur

 Elder Alston and Elder Torniainen

Our new Assistants--Elder Lewis and Elder Van Komen

It is going to be a great transfer!!

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