Sunday, December 1, 2013

Den Haag District Meeting

November 12, 2013 President and I attended District Meeting in Den Haag.  Thanks to Elder Endicott, District Leader, and the other missionaries.  It was fun to spend the morning with you.

Elder Endicott teaching the Den Haag District

 Elder Alade, Sister Schwab and Elder Cook in a Role Play 

 Elder Fonger, Elder Warner and Elder Christensen watch the Role Play.

Elder Warnger, Elder Christensen and Elder Thomas listens to Elder Endicott.

 Elder and Sister Seiter are the Senior Couple for Den Haag.  Elder Alade and Elder Fonger.

 Elder Alade helps Sister Johnson make pannenkoeken for District Lunch.  Elder Alade is Dutch, he can do it!

Sister Johnson, Sister Wood and Elder Alade

This is how you make pannenkoeken!

They were delicious.  Thanks everyone.

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