Sunday, November 2, 2014

Temple Conference For Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Apeldoorn Zones

October 14, 2014 was Temple Zone Conference for Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Apeldoorn.  The whole mission loves Temple Conference.  It only comes twice a year and we are so blessed to have a temple in our Mission so this opportunity can be available to our missionaries.

Elder Claflin, Elder Lovin, Elder Wiscombe, Elder Toole, Elder Thom

 Sister Taylor and Sister Jaramillo

Elder Claflin, Elder Holt, Elder Leon

 Elder Leon, Elder Besendorfer

 Elder Cockbain, Elder Conatti

 Elder Bishop, President Robinson

 Elder Shaw, Elder Bishop, President Robinson, Elder Taggart

 Sister Jones, Sister Verdegem

 Elder Cooper and Elder Reynolds 

 Elder Evans and Elder Johnson

 Elder Kemp and Elder Neptune

 Elder Taggart

 Sister Andersen and Sister Johnson

 The former Elder Goethals

 Elder Rozendaal and Sister Clement

 Elder Endicott and Elder Bean

 Elder Yocom, Elder Hunt, Elder Bean

 Sister Bradley and Sister Otteson

 Sister Schwab and Sister Elting

 Elder Heinricks, Elder Argueta, Elder Bonner

 Elder Krebs and Elder Key

 Elder Price and Elder de Silva

 Elder and Sister Johnson

 Sister Kolhert and Sister Djoukeng

 Sister Aldous and Sister Brophey

 Sister Watts, Sister Robbins, Sister Whittington

 Elder Tjong-Ayong and Elder Corsini

 Sister Woodbury, Sister Frandsen, Sister Voss

 Sister Wood, Sister Watkins, Sister Greenwell

 Sister Thorley, Elder Pouwer

 Elder Hulet and Elder Brown

 Elder Lott and Elder Lundberg

 Elder Bishesar

 Elder Alston and Elder Bonney

 Elder Fowkes and Elder Lyman

Elder Giles and Elder Rasmussen

 Elder Goates and Elder Hirsch

 Elder Larsen

Elder Conatti

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