Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mission President's Seminar for Western Europe

October 21-24, 2014 we attended the Annual Mission Presidents Seminar for all the mission presidents for Western Europe.  It is aways a wonderful experience to get with the other Mission Presidents and their wives. It is a time to be trained and taught by the Area European Presidency--President Teixeira, President Kearon, and President Dyches, all members of the Quorum of Seventy.  It was good to be taught and feel the Spirit so abundantly, but it was equally as good to enjoy our friends and people we have come to love so dearly as we have served together.

 First day in the Schiphol Airport we met up with old friends from our home stake, Fillmore Utah Stake. We have known each other for years.  President and Sister Beckstrand have just began their service as Mission President of Sweden Stockholm Mission. It was so very good to meet old friends.  It felt like a 'bit of home' had come to Europe.

 After the first day of meetings, we spend a couple of hours walking through the quaint streets of Portugal.  Loved the cobblestone pattern in the street.  Presidents and their wives walking and talking.

 What a wonderful stroll down through town.  Some went shopping, Sister Beckstrand and I just talked and caught up with each others lives.

President Beckstrand, Sister Beckstrand, Sister Robinson

Walking along the boardwalk along the beach. 

 Felt like Southern Cal!


Sister Robinson and Sister Beckstrand

Hotel Cascais Mirage

 Wonderful stay and the trainings are exactly what we need to hear and train on when we return from this Seminar.

 Best friends, best companions

 It is such a blessing to spend three years together, full-time, in the service of the Lord serving the people of Belgium Netherlands Mission and the many hundreds of missionaries that have come and gone, who now serve, and who will yet come and serve with us.  

 Just a small thank you to our mothers, our children and grandchildren for your love and support while we are serving so far away from home.

 President and Sister Robinson
Great to spend some relaxing time together with dear friends! 

 President and Sister Robinson,  Sister and President Kosak from the Germany Berlin Mission 
at the restaurant in Sintra, Portugal 

Sintra, Portugal

 Closer view.

Arrival for the afternoon at the Park and Palace of Pena.
This is the restaurant for dinner for the evening.

 More of our friends arrive.

The following are pictures of the Pena Palace in Sintra, Portugal

The Main Gate to the Palace

 President Robinson, in the back, President Pilkington of the England Leeds Mission, and President Beckstrand of the Sweden Stockholm Mission

 Interesting blend of Medieval Europe and Moors (Medieval Muslims) which occupied Portugal

Has the feeling of "1001 Arabian Nights' with 'Disneyland'.  The goal of the king was fantasy and enchantment.

 Selfie---Sister and President Robinson

 Sister Robinson--The Archway is carved to look like sea coral.  Also, tile was everywhere.  Three different tile patterns are behind, one on the wall to the right.

 President Robinson with the view from the Palace.  Beautiful countryside.

 President and Sister Robinson

Our tour guide, and a view of the arches and columns from the porch.

 Some of the beautiful stained glass windows in the palace.

Full view of the beautiful stained glass window.  The depth and contrast was remarkable.  Nothing I have ever seen had such depth and perspective.

Interior of the chapel of the little church in the Palace. 
Part of the Palace was a one time a Catholic Monastery.

 Inner court of the older part of the palace.  Again, tile everywhere which reflects the Moors (Medieval Muslims) that once occupied what is now Portugal.

 The walls and ceiling are all tile.

 Dining Room in Palace

 Queen's Room

 Kitchen--I have decided this is what I need during Mission Leader Council and Transfers!  :)

I would need 'kitchen help' in a kitchen this size.  Maybe the APs could help.

Some time to just relax and enjoy.  Sister Robinson, President and Sister Pace from the Spain Barcelona Mission, President and Sister Beckstrand Sweden Stockholm Mission.

Breakfast on the terrace with other Mission President and wives.
The Atlantic Ocean is just past the palm trees. 

 Waiting for the bus shuttle to the airport.  Time to return to our missionaries and our everyday duties.  It has been a great training.  

Our last look at the Atlantic from the perspective of Portugal.  We are so grateful and thankful to the Area Presidency for such a great seminar.  We are grateful to our Heavenly Father for such blessings to have these Western European Mission Presidents and wives, and the Area Presidency as great friends.  

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