Sunday, November 2, 2014

Four more Sisters 'Return with Honor'

October 15, 2014 we said goodbye to four great Sister Missionaries.  They have finished their service and their extension.  It is time to send them home to their families and friends.  However, that does not lessen the sadness we feel to see them leave the mission.  They will be missed!

 Wonderful dinner with the Sisters.
Sister Stevens, Sister Hudson, Sister Djoukeng, Sister Wood

 Back at the Mission Home we had an opportunity to share and testify of the Lord's work in the mission and will each of us individually.  
We love these sisters.

 Sister Stevens, Sister Hudson, President Robinson, Sister Robinson, 
Sister Wood, Sister Djoukeng

The next morning, bright and early at the airport we say our final goodbyes.

 Elder Alston, Elder Bishop, Sister Djoukeng, Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Sister Hudson, Sister Stevens, Sister Wood

 We love these sisters!

 It is hard to see them leave.

 Mission friendships are wonderful.

 Missions change lives.

 Bitter and sweet.  It is so great to see these sisters cross the finish line!

 Succes met alles!

 I am sad, but very happy for their mothers.  

We always send the best missionaries home!

 Down to the next gate to say goodbye to Sister Djoukeng.
Elder Bishop, Sister Djoukeng, Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Elder Alston

 Tot Ziens!

 Tot volgende keer!

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