Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Johnson's and Romig's Arrive

We are blessed and our prayers have been answered.  We have two new Senior Couples now serving with us in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  The Mission has been down to only three Senior Couples--The Winmill's in the office, the Romig's in Groningen and the Klejn's in Deventer.  Senior Couples are the gears and energy that make this mission go forward.  They are a great support to the young Missionaries, to President and me, to the Church members where they serve, and the people they meet and invite to Come Unto Christ.

The Mission Department has given the Belgium Netherlands Mission a Senior Couples compliment of seven--meaning we can and should have seven Senior Couples serving in our Mission.  We have be desperately understaffed for a year.  But, things are starting to turn around and we are received two more Senior Couples in August.

August 6, 2014 we received word that Elder and Sister Johnson had finally arrived after having their flight cancelled and being stranded in Chicago O'Hare Airport for 24 hours.  We were never so glad to see them and we believe they were very glad to finally get to the mission.

Elder and Sister Johnson will serve in Rotterdam YoVo Centrum and work with the Rotterdam Stake Young Single Adults and all that entails with Family Home Evening, Institute and Pathways program.

Welcome Elder Johnson and Sister Johnson
Sister Johnson was born in the Netherlands and immigrated to the US as a child.  What a blessing for her to return as a missionary.  Elder and Sister Johnson have been to the Netherlands on numerous occasions to visit.  We are thrilled to have them serving with us.

And the blessing continues…………..

August 16, 2014 we welcomed another Senior Couple to the Mission, Elder and Sister Romig.  Yes, our second Senior Couple with the same last name.  Elder Romig in Groningen and Elder Romig below, are brothers.  

President Robinson, Elder Romig, Sister Romig.

Elder Romig served as a young missionary here in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  He and Sister Romig will be serving in Den Haag at the JoVo Centrum.  They are replacing the Seiter's that returned home the first part of July.

President and I testify with sure knowledge that Senior Couples are the heartbeat of a mission.  We depend on our Senior Couples 
for so many many things.  They are invaluable in their influence, 
their service and their impact on the lives of all they work with and teach.
 The remarkable blessing is that when these Senior Couples go home, 
their lives will have been eternally changed for the better and their testimonies of the Gospel and the divinity of Jesus Christ will have been strengthen.  
We serve missions with faith and love of the Savior, Jesus Christ.  

Thank you Elder and Sister Johnson and Elder and Sister Romig.  
We love you and are so very glad you are here.  

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