Sunday, August 31, 2014

Swan at the Mission Home

We usually don't see the wildlife that venture up the canal in back of the Mission Home, because we are rarely home.  However, one day I hear noises of excitement coming from our neighbor across the canal.  I stepped out to see the family of Swan coming down the canal toward me.  I guess they figured I has something for them to eat--sorry.  It was a great opportunity to get pictures.

Maybe it was an 'enjoy nature' kind of day, but the clouds looked great also.

Sometimes we come across the more unique and quaint houses, gardens, canals and it helps remind us we are in Europe.  This is just a charming little 'cottage' in Alkmaar Netherlands that we pass on the way to the church.

Not long ago, as we were traveling the A4 from Amsterdam to Leidschendam, we enjoyed watching the sunset.  

Love nature, love the Netherlands, love Belgium!  We don't know how we qualified for the blessing to live three years in such a beautiful spot on earth, but we are grateful and thankful for the experiences we have every day.  The greatest blessing is living here with 160 wonderful Elders and Sisters. We could not be happier. 

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