Monday, August 18, 2014

Missionaries Leave Full-time Service of the Lord

August 6, 2014 eight missionaries arrived in the Mission Office to go through their final check-out.  We are always amazed at how quickly two years have gone by for these missionaries.  We remember these missionaries arriving--we are sure that is was just 9 or 10 months ago we were greeting you in the mission.  It can't be time for you to leave!!!

 To a wonderful group of Elders, we love you--thank you for your service and your leadership.

 Elder Suckow, Elder Eastmond, Elder Lind, Elder Swingle, Elder Nelsen, Elder Pitts, Elder Sumter, Elder Ipson
President and Sister Robinson

Elder Eastmond's parents come to the mission to pick up Elder Eastmond.  They spent the evening with us and it was a pleasure for us to meet them and share the evening.

  Brother Eastmond, Elder Eastmond, Sister Eastmond

The next morning we were off to the airport to get Elder Swingle, Elder Suckow, Elder Nelsen, Elder Pitts, Elder Ipson, and Elder Lind on their flight home.

 Elder Suckow, Elder Lind, Elder Ipson, Elder Nelson, Elder Pitts, Sister Robinson, President Robinson Elder Sumter, Elder Swingle, Elder Eastmond

We say goodbye at Passport control to Elder Suckow, Elder Lind, Elder Pitts, Elder Ipson, and Elder Nelson.  

 It is hard for the missionaries to say goodbye to each other--we have lived with each other for two years and no one knows the next time we will meet--so, our hearts are happy, but are heavy.

 Elder Suckow, President Robinson, Elder Lind, Elder Ispon, Elder Sumter

 It is a good thing they have to catch a flight, or they would stay together a little longer.

 To all…..tot volgende keer!

Then down to British Airways to say goodbye to Elder Swingle.
President Robinson, Elder Swingle, Sister Robinson

Elder Swingle and President Robinson

Back to the Mission Office for Elder Eastmond to meet him parents and continue on with a wonderful week touring the mission and visiting with all the fast friends Elder Eastmond has made during the past two years.

 Goodbyes are just hard things.

 I leave all my 'motherly' love and council!

Sister Robinson, Elder Eastmond, President Robinson

We delivered Elder Sumter home to his family in Hengelo
Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Elder Sumter

President and Sister Robinson with Elder Sumter and his family.

Elders we wish you the very best in the coming months.  Enjoy your new chapter of life and thank you for your commitment to the Lord and your service to Him and the Mission.  You leave behind eternal friends who wish you success.
Tot volgende keer…...

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