Sunday, August 10, 2014

P-Day with the Sisters

On July 19, 2014 President and I spent the day with Sister Clement and Sister Brown.  The Sisters stayed in the Mission Home on Friday night and Saturday morning we headed to Leeuwarden.  We went to the monument build to commemorate the first baptism in the Netherlands October 1, 1861.

 Sister Robinson climbing through the weeds and stinging nettle. 

Sister Robinson showing that the trek through the weeds brought a little bleeding.

 Next, get the stickers out of our clothing.

 There are more stickers than time to pull them out.

  Sister Robinson and President Robinson

 Sister Clement and Sister Brown

We love you both and we had a wonderful day with you.  Thanks for the P-Day.  

The Sisters returned a week later with their District wearing their 'service day' clothes and cleaned up all the weeds and made it look amazing.

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