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Third and final Mission Tour from the Area Presidency

On November 25-28, 2014 we were honored and blessed to have Area Seventy  Elder Moreira and his wife from Portugal tour our mission, hold Zone Conferences, meet with our Mission Leadership Council and stay in the Mission Home with President and I, and the Assistants.

Every year the Area Presidency visits the mission and holds Zone Conferences with our missionaries.  They are always a highlight of the year.  Our first year we had the opportunity to have Elder Keran visit with us in Zone Conference and Zone Leaders Council.  The second year we had President Teixeira and his wife visit our mission.  Our third and final mission tour is with Elder Moreira. 

Elder and Sister Moreira arrived on Tuesday, November 25.  President and I, and the Assistants enjoyed a wonderful evening and dinner with them as we discussed the upcoming week.  

Day One of Mission Tour

On Wednesday we had our first of two Zone Conferences.  It was held in Rotterdam with Apeldoorn, Amsterdam and Rotterdam Zones attending.  Later that evening we held a special Fireside for the Portuguese speaking members of Rotterdam Stake.  It was wonderful for Elder and Sister Moreira to speak and testify to them in their own language.

Front Row L to R:  Elder Krebs, Elder Bitters, Elder Bean, Elder Yocom, Elder Giles, Sister Bradley, Sister Verdegem, Elder Johnson, Elder Moreira, Sister Moreira, Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Elder Bonner, Elder Lott, Elder Price, Elder de Silva, Elder Larsen, Elder Hirsch
Second Row L to R:  Elder Holt, Elder Alston, Elder Heinricks, Elder Bourne, Elder Evans, Sister Whittington, Elder Corsini, Sister Johanson, Sister Clement, Sister Manning, Sister Greenwell, Elder Claflin, Elder Bishop, Elder Toole, Elder Key, Sister Maughan, Elder Rozendaal, Sister Kohlert, Elder Cook, Elder Shaw, Elder Conatti, Sister Jaramillo, Elder Argueta, Elder Neptune, Elder Kemp, Sister Frandsen, Elder Hunt, Elder Lovin, Sister Taylor, Sister Watkins, Elder Thom, Elder Wiscomb, Sister Thorley, Sister Twiggs, Sister Woodbury, Sister Watts, Elder Robbins, Sister Doxey, Sister Voss, Elder Hunter, Sister Fleming, Sister Van Dam, Elder Van Dam, Elder Robison, Sister Robison, Elder Johnson, Sister Johnson
Back Row L to R:  Elder Hulet, Elder Taggart, Elder Andrew, Elder Brown, Elder South, Elder England, Elder Besendorfer, Elder Pouwer, Elder Bonney, Elder Fowkes, Elder Tjong-Ayong, Elder Bishesar, Elder Cooper, Elder Endicott, Elder Reynolds, Elder Silva, Elder Rasmussen, Elder Lundberg 

Enjoy finding your missionary!

Day Two of Mission Tour

Thursday, November 27, we held Zone Conference for Eindhoven, Den Haag and Antwerpen Zones in Zoetermeer.  That evening we held a Fireside in Den Haag Chapel for recently baptized members, investigators of our missionaries and friends who were interested in attending.

Elder Kleyn, Sister Kleyn, Sister Thomas, Sister Westland, Sister Bush, Sister Otteson, Sister Jones, Sister Fredrickson, Elder Knudsen, Elder Davis, Elder Bean, Elder Denpai, Elder Alston, Sister Riley, Elder Torniainen, Brother van de Sanda, Sister Jensen, Elder Childs, Elder Bosco, Elder Enslow, Christian, Elder Bishop, Elder Thomas, Elder Da Silva, Elder Steenblik, Elder Frisby, Elder Cockbain, Sister Robbins, Elder Rudolph, Elder Pugh, Elder Cooper, Elder Muller, Elder Robinson, Elder Cook,  Elder Womeldorf, Elder Cutler, Elder Sudweeks,  Elder Moreira, Sister Moreira, Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Elder Conatti, Elder Frederico, Elder Matos, Elder DeWitt, Elder Carter, Elder Warner, Elder Nielsen, Elder Denny, President Scheltinga, Elder Morrell, Elder Elkins, Elder Parr,  Elder Moomey, Elder Eby, Elder Sheldon, Elder Ames, Elder Losee, Elder Lyman, Elder Hills, Elder Fonger, Elder Goates, Elder Blackhurst, Elder Goff, Elder Van de Merwe, Elder Abankie, Elder Schmidt, Elder Strikwerda, Elder Reese, Elder Nye, Elder Bernier, Elder Bourne, Elder Slingerland, Elder Henderson, Elder Kartodirjo, Elder Leon
Back Row L to R:  Elder Hunter, Elder Silva, Sister Hansen, Sister Adams, Sister Mashburn, Sister Heilner, Sister Reeder, Sister Muntiga, Elder Lee, Elder Peterson, Sister Cowles, Sister Brophy, Sister Lemich, Sister Johnson, Sister Scherf, Elder Kemp, Elder Clement, Elder Lindstrom, Elder Paur

Enjoy finding your missionary!

Prior to the Fireside with friends and investigators, we held a nice dinner in Den Haag for Elder and Sister Moreira and all our Senior Couples.  President and Sister Scheltinga, Councilor in the Mission Presidency, joined us for the dinner.
Sister Moreira, Elder Moreira, President Scheltinga, Sister Scheltinga

Elder Bourne, Elder Alston

Elder and Sister Johnson

Elder and Sister Butler

Sister and Elder Kleyn

Elder and Sister Robison

Sister and Elder Van Dam

Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Sister Moreira, Elder Moreira

Sister and Elder Romig  (Den Haag)

Sister and Elder Romig (Groningen)

On Friday, November 28, 2014, Elder and Sister Moreira presided at and spoke at Mission Leadership Council.  What a privilege to be taught in the Mission Home by a member of the Seventy.  After the meeting we presented them with a Delft hand painted spoon holder and the Dutch of all treats, stroopwafels. 

Elder Conatti, Elder Moreira

Thank you to Elder Conatti for translating for Sister Moreira during the week of the Mission Tour and thank you to his companion Elder Kemp for supporting his companion in this effort.

Mission Leadership Council
Sister Verdegem, Sister Otteson, Elder Elkins, Elder Bosco, Elder Lyman, Elder Cook, Elder Rudolph, Elder Robbins, Elder Moomey, Elder Corsini, Elder Pouwer, Sister Kohlert, Elder Bonney, Sister Johnson, Elder Krebs, Elder Bitters, Elder Bourne, Elder Alston
Elder Moreira, Sister Moreira, Sister Robinson, President Robinson 

 Elder Moreira, Sister Moreira, Sister Robinson, President Robinson

An amazing musical number sung at our Mission Conference from Elder Silva, Elder Hunter, Elder Cooper and Elder Bishop was playing the piano.

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