Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mid-Transfer Transfers to two Great Sisters

On November 18, 2014 Sister Elting and Sister Hoff came to the Mission Home to spend their last night in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  After extending the missions as long as they possibly could, they are now ready to return home to anxious and excited families.  We love you both and know the mission will not be the same without you.  

 Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Sister Elting, Sister Hoff

Next morning, bright and early, we arrived at the airport.  At Passport Control we say our goodbyes!  Happy and sad!

 Sister Elting, President Robinson, Sister Hoff and Sister Robinson

 What great missionaries.

 I hope Sister Hoff knows how much she is loved!

 Just plain sweet!

 Loosing my Sister Missionaries!

 Love you both so much.  Thank you for ALL you have accomplished!

Always 'last minute' council!

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