Sunday, December 14, 2014

Goodbye to our best missionaries!

It is exciting to receive new missionaries from the MTC because of the energy and faith they bring with them.  But every transfer we also say goodbye to our best missionaries.  These are the veterans that have served valiantly, battled through the discouragements and personal struggles every missionary deals with on a mission.  Like a stone, they have become polished through their experiences and are true disciples of Christ.  

After a wonderful evening, fireside and testimony meeting, we gather for one last group picture.  I wonder if and when we will all be together again.

 Front row L to R:  Sister Rosenlof, Sister Aldous, Sister Spencer, Sister Schwab, Sister Morris, Elder Chantry, 
Back row L to R:  Sister Andersen, Sister Aston, Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Sister Nelson, Sister Western, Sister Packer, Elder King

 Sister Nelson's parents arrived to spend the evening with us 
and pick up Sister Nelson

Early the next morning we all wait on the 'spoor' as we head to 
Schipol Airport.

These missionaries are very happy--successful mission or excitement for home.

 Elder Bourne, Sister Andersen, Elder Alston, Elder Chantry

First, we say goodbye to the two missionaries who flight leaves earlier, Sister Western and Sister Aston

 Goodbye to Sister Western and Sister Aston

Goodbye to President

 It's been great to serve together.

Goodbye and success!

Missionaries are always having fun!  Even at the airport.

 President Robinson walks down to help the first group go through passport control.

Now we say goodbye to the rest of the group and get them on their flight.

 Sister Andersen, Sister Spencer, Sister Packer, Sister Rosenlof, President Robinson, Sister Robinson, Sister Morris, Sister Schwab, Sister Aldous, Elder Chantry, Elder King, Sister Nelson

 Now for the rest of the goodbyes.
Goodbye to President

We will miss these sisters.

It has been a great road we have traveled.  Success in all you do.

They are going home.

And it is ALL good!

I'm not going to lie---I will miss her.

It is hard to think they won't be around for District Meeting next week.

I will miss the Elders. 

Missionaries are getting excited!

Goodbye and success.

Some stay, some go home.

It is so good to cross the finish line.

We wonder how we will get along with out each and every one of them.

Time to get through Passport Control!

Few more goodbyes.

One by one they file through passport control. 

We love them, wish them success, are happy for their families, and return to the mission and know a little bit of our hearts have return home with each missionary.

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