Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Welcome to Five More Missionaries

Must be spring because our missionaries are 'popping' into the mission at three different time this transfer.

April 1, 2014 four new missionaries come from the MTC in Provo, and another missionary who has been serving in San Diego waiting for his VISA finally got to the mission.

 President Robinson, Elder Holt, Elder Heinricks, Elder Conatti, Sister Adams, Sister Robinson

 Waiting at the train station.  Elder Lewis, AP; President Robinson, Elder Heinricks, Elder Holt

 Elder Conatti, Sister Adams, Elder Sumter, AP.

Well, true to the nature of mass transit, the trains were shut down and we had to call the Office Elders to come with the Mission Van and pick us up at the Airport.

Back to the office for all of the paperwork and legality.  Then we took a walk over to the De Valk Molen

 Sister Adams, Elder Holt, Elder Heinricks, Elder Conatti
We are very impressed with these missionaries.

Sister Robinson, Sister Adams, Elder Holt, Elder Heinricks, Elder Conatti, President Robinson

 Elder Holt

 Elder Conatti

 Elder Heinricks

 Sister Adams

 Then lunch at Oude Leiden

 Elder Rozendaal, Elder Sumter, Elder Lewis, Elder Hunt, Elder Cockbain, Elder Evans, Elder Lind, Elder Holt, Elder Heinricks, Elder Conatti, Sister Adams and President Robinson

After signing into Leiden and the Netherlands, they spent 30-40 minutes street contacting with the AP's and Office Elders.

 After a nap at the Mission Home and a great dinner together, they had a short fireside and testimony meeting with President Robinson and opened their 'first area of service' letters.  

 Sister Adams will be serving in Breda with Sister Spencer as companion and trainer.

 Elder Heinricks will be serving in Antwerpen with Elder Bean as companion and trainer.

 Elder Holt will be serving in Genk, Belgium with Elder Robbins as companion and trainer.

 Elder Conatti will be serving in Den Bosch with Elder Lewis as companion and trainer.

 When he realize that Elder Lewis was his new companion and trainer, there were hugs and smiles all around.

 Newest companionship in the mission!

Then it was off to bed with the rest of the training tomorrow morning 
at 9:00 AM in the Mission Office where they will meet their new trainers.

 Sister Spencer and Sister Adams

 Elder Holt and Elder Robbins

 Elder Conatti and Elder Lewis

 Elder Heinricks and Elder Bean

 Welcome to the Belgium Netherlands Mission.
You are in for the most unique experience of your life.
We love you and look forward to serving with you.

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