Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Two New Elders

On March 26, 2014 we met our two new Elders from Surinam, Elder Abankie and Elder Bishesar.  We are so excited to receive additional Elders from Surinam.  We now have five serving in the mission with us.

 President Robinson, Sister Robinson, Elder Abankie and Elder Bishesar

 Waiting at the train station--Elder Sumter, AP; Elder Abankie, Elder Lewis, AP; President Robinson and Elder Bishesar

 President Robinson and Elder Bishesar

 Excited to have these two Elders here serving.

 Elder Bishesar andElder Abankie were serving as companions in the Surinam mission prior to getting their VISA for Netherlands.  

 Elder Abankie

 Elder Bishesar

 Off to Oude Leiden for a pannekoeken lunch

 Sister Robinson, Elder Lyman, Elder Abankie, Elder Bishesar, Elder Evans, Elder Cockbain, Elder Lind, Elder Kettler, President Robinson, Elder Lewis 

 Elder Abankie reads his 'first call' letter.  He will serve with Elder Lyman as his trainer and companion and serve in Gouda

 Elder Bishesar will be serving with Elder Kettler as trainer and companion in Lelystad.

Congratulations to both Elders.  

 Elder Bishesar and Elder Kettler

Elder Lyman and Elder Abankie

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