Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Missionaries Go…….we will miss you!

Transfer week is wonderful and fun and it is exciting to see new missionaries arrive from the MTC, or after delays because of visa issues.  What an enthusiasm and burst of spiritual energy!!

After new missionaries arrive, however, we always say goodbye to our best missionaries and send them back to their families. 
We are always very happy for the families.  We know they are planning great reunions and their hearts are so full of love and appreciation for the opportunity their son or daughter has had to serve the Lord for these many months.  
This transfer we said goodbye to ten wonderfully great missionaries.  
Two Sisters and eight Elders.  

 Elder de Bisschoop, Sister Robinson, President Robinson

Elder de Bisschoop has served two transfers with us in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  He has now received his mission call to London South.  He enters the MTC in Preston England on March 3, 2014.  

 We love Elder de Bisschoop and we would have loved to have him stay and serve with us, however, the Lord has called Elder de Bisschoop to the right mission.  We wish him the best.

 We love you Elder de Bisschoop, you will be in our prayers.  Success!

 Bishop de Bisschoop, Elder de Bisschoop, Sister Robinson, 
President Robinson, Sister de Bisschoop

 We say goodbye to seven Elders and two Sisters 

Back row:  Elder Stanley, Elder Thueson, Elder Farmer, Elder Hansen, 
Elder Sanderson, Elder Christensen, Elder Nish
Front row:  Sister Omozopkia, Sister Robinson, President Robinson, 
Sister Rigdon

I love these missionaries.  I really cannot even imagine what Zone Conferences or Trainings are going to be like without these Elders and Sisters.  I will definitely miss my hugs from Sister O. and Sister Rigdon.

 Early in the morning at the train station.  This is such a common, everyday experience to be at the train station early in the morning, however, today is the last trip--the train is pulling in and it is time to head to Schipol airport. 
Elder Farmer, Elder Stanley, Elder Nish

 Elder Sanderson, Elder Hansen, Elder Thueson

 President Robinson, Elder Sumter, Elder Lewis, Elder Christensen

 We first drop of Elder Nish, who is flying home to Canada.  We will miss you.
President Robinson, Elder Nish, Sister Robinson

 Then the huge group of Elders--all going back to America.
Elder Farmer (to Indiana),   Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Elder Stanley (to Utah), Elder Hansen (to Utah), Elder Thueson (to Utah), Elder Christensen (to Idaho), and Elder Sanderson (to Idaho).

 We love you Elders and wish you success in this next chapter of 
'Life's Book of Adventures'.  We are confident it will be an outstanding chapter.

 The real goodbye are the hardest.

 Love you, Elder Stanley

 I will miss the humor and love from these Elders.

 Love you Elder Sanderson, thank you for everything.

 Tot zien to Elder Thueson, we love you.

 I feel like I am sending my children far away and I am not really ready to that to happen.  So, I fight back tears to be happy for them and their families.

 Back at the Mission Office we say goodbye to Sister Omozopkia.  We love you Sister O., but we know your mother is SOOOOOOOO happy to have you home. You are not too far away, we will see you now and again.
Partick, President Robinson, Sister Robinson, Sister O. and her mother.

 And goodbye to Sister Rigdon.  Her mother and sister flew to the Netherlands to pick her up.  They will be spending 
time in the country before they return home.  
Sister Robinson, Sister Rigdon's sister, Sister Rigdon (mother), 
Sister Rigdon and President Robinson

Well, another transfer ends.  Everyone--all 155 missionaries are delivered to parents, on an plane homeward, in a new city with a new companion, same city with a new companion, same companion in the same city, or new in the country, fresh and green just out of the MTC.  

All is safe, all is well, all is as the Lord would have it for another transfer.
We testify that the work is the Lord's work, and we are humbled 
with the opportunity and blessing that is ours to be stewards in this 
quant corner of the Lord's vineyard.

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