Thursday, March 6, 2014

Another Elder Finishes the Race

March 5, 2014, we met Elder Sosa at the Mission Office.  It is time to check him out of the mission and out of the country. He has crossed the finish line and finished the race with success. He has served The Lord faithfully and well in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  He spent two transfers at the beginning of his mission serving in Santiago Chile Mission waiting for his visa.  Thank you Elder Sosa for your service to both missions--it is all the Lord's mission.

  President Robinson, Sister Robinson, Elder Sosa

 We had a wonderful evening in the Mission Home.  Dinner and a Fireside, ending with testimonies.

 Elder Lewis, Elder Sosa, Elder Sumter

 Elder Sosa's last area of service was Amsterdam.  He and his companions are roommates with the Assistants to the President.  So, Elder Sosa is saying goodbye to another two great companions.

 March 6, 2014 we get all the bags checked and everything is in order, just waiting to walk through security.  We say goodbye at this point.

 President Robinson, Elder Sosa, Sister Robinson

 Goodbyes are hard, especially if I am not sure I will ever see them again.  Elder Sosa is returning to Santiago Chile.  His family is talking of moving to Canada, so maybe we will see each other soon.  We are planning on the Mission Reunion in October 2015.

 Like a mom, last minute council. 

 But he asked me for it!  :)

 President Robinson feels the same emptiness I feel as we say goodbye.  We feel sad, but we know that there is a WHOLE family waiting on the other end of this journey to welcome him home.

And apparently for Elder Sosa, the reunion is going to be a
 huge BBQ, Chilean style!

 Last council and expressions of love.

 Goodbyes to the AP's

There is a 'band of brotherhood' in the mission.  When even one missionary leaves, we feel a loss.  Success Elder Sosa.  We love you.  Tot volgende keer!

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  1. Thank You Elder Sosa for your great EXAMPLE of a missionary:) Elder Bitters will forever love this ELDER:)