Thursday, July 25, 2013

June's Mission Leadership Council

On June 14, 2013 we welcomed new missionaries to our Council.  It seems that each month the Lord adds more responsibility to each member of the Mission Leadership Council.  We all realize that we are changing-- Sister Leader Trainers, new Zone Leaders, larger numbers of missionaries serving in the Belgium Netherlands Mission!  The Lord has truly prepared these missionaries to take on the task!  These Missionaries take on the responsibility of lifting, inspiring, motivating, teaching and ministering to every other missionary in the mission.  They are OUTSTANDING!

 Back Row:  Elder Lewis, Elder Wright, Elder Romer, Elder Andrews, President Robinson, Elder Moscon, Elder Burton, Elder McKee, Elder Li, Elder Mathis, Elder Taylor
Front row Sisters:  
Sister Rigdon, Sister Nielson, Sister Omozokpia, Sister Gallego

You are all blessings beyond measure!

However, they have a competitive side to them!

President Robinson presented the idea of a 'Cherry Pit Spitting Contest' and of course, they ALL readily accepted!

From the effort you see pictured, you decide who wins!


That was one of the greatest 'stress breaks' we have ever had in the mission.
Thanks Elders and Sisters--you're champs!

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