Thursday, July 25, 2013

Goodbye to our beloved AP

During this upcoming transfer on July 23, 2013, we will say goodbye to Elder Li as an Assistant to the President.  Elder Li and Elder Burton have served together so well.  They both have totally different approaches, President has been served by having that diversity, especially at this time in the mission. With so much change, they have been a solid support to President Robinson.

Thank you Elder Li, for your love, support and friendship.  You have 'eeuwige verenderd onze leven'. 

 Elder Li--you are one of a kind, unique and loved beyond measure.  Thank you for everything you have done for us and for the Mission. You won't be forgotten. President may quote a 'great man' once in a while.

Two minds that think alike--

"Hey! It's the way it is!"

President's comic relief!

We will miss your 'squinty eyes' !

 Elder Li, you're welcome in the Mission Home kitchen 
any time you would like to come back!

Thank you Elder Burton, for putting up with him! :)  And, for staying for another round of fun!

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